Trading and Mining Basics on CEX.IO and GHASH.IO

What is a platform for exchange?

CEX.IO is a platform for commodity exchange and GHS (Gigahash) trading spot, which is used for mining at the pool GHash.IO.

CEX.IO – it is only a platform for trade. We do not buy or sell our own gigahash (GHS). Trade is conducted between the other owners of GHS, as well as between the partners CEX.IO, which add their own equipment for mining on the exchange.

All registered users have the opportunity to produce a cloud (virtual) GHS on GHash.IO, and sell cloud GHS for Bitcoin market price. General powers between CEX.IO and GHash.IO allow users to:

-Start minig immediately after GHS purchase.

-receive reward for mining, even if GHS are put up for auction on CEX.IO.


Once logged in, you can check your balance to see the available funds on your account for GHS- is one billion hashes per secondprovided by data center, which can be bought or sold for Bitcoins (BTC). GHS can be bought only for Bitcoin.

The platform does not accept USD or any other currency. If you want something to exchange, please visit exchangers such

or .

These resources allow you to exchange your currency to Bitcoins and vice versa, with your Bitcoin wallet you can send btc and get your reward in currency you choose or other convenient form. The address of your Btc-wallet can be found on the page “Balance”.

As soon as you have any Bitcoins on the balance of your account, you can purchase the GHS and start production.

GHS bidding

In order to buy or sell GHS – there are 4 options:

  1. Buy GHS – this is a field where you can enter the number of GHS, which you wish to buy, and specify the price that would be for one unit.
  2. Sell GHS – this is a field where you can enter the number of GHS, which you want to sell, as well as specify the price that wouldbe for one unit.
  3. Sell orders – a list of demands of other users concerning the sale of GHS
  4. Buy orders – a list of demandsof other members concerning the purchase of GHS

-In order to buy GHS, the user has to find the right amount of GHS at the right price in the (Sell orders) (3), enter the data in the (Buy GHS) (1), and click the (Buy GHS).

-In order to sell the GHS, the user has to find the right amount of GHS, which are in demand in the (Buy orders) (4), enter the data in the (Sell GHS) (2), and click the button (Sell GHS).

-If you want to place an order, or on a certain amount or on a certain price, do not hesitate to enter data in the appropriate sections(1) or (2), and place an order.

-After the order is placed, it can be found in the “active orders” at the bottom of the page.

-You also get a notification when your order is carried out, in a form of dark pop-up windows in the upper right corner of the screen.

-You can cancel your active orders at any time, as long as the order is not conducted.