Top themes for Ubuntu 15.04

Are you on Ubuntu 15.04 Vivid Vervet ?, Bored of the default ambiance theme and Icons. Its time to change to new Ubuntu themes and Icons. Before We get into installing themes we need Unity Tweak Tool to Apply the theme.

How to Install Unity Tweak Tool ?

  • Open a terminal and use the following command:
  • Please note that Unity Tweak Tool is available in software sources of Ubuntu 15.04 but you might have to install it via a PPA in older versions.

How to Change Theme in Unity Tweak Tool ?

  • Go to Ubuntu Search and Search for Unity Tweak Tool


  • Once you have selected the Themes option, you will find all the themes present in the system here. Just click on the one you like. It will be changed instantly. If you want, you can choose to change the icons only from the Icon tab. I prefer to keep the default icons supplied with the theme.


Top 5 Themes for Ubuntu 15.04 :


Paper is a new material design inspired GTK theme, which is currently in beta. “Its design is mostly flat with a minimal use of shadows for depth”, mentions its website, and it was developed primarily for the GNOME (Shell) and other desktops that make use of header bars.

Download Page



Numix theme is a beautiful theme for Linux. It has a flat and simple theme.

Download Page


Moka Project GTK

Moka started as a single icon theme but it has evolved into an entire project which includes multiple GTK and icon themes for the Linux desktop as well as icon themes for Android, all designed / developed by +Sam Hewitt.

Download Page



MediterraneanNight, a popular GTK3 theme pack, has been updated and it now includes 12 color variations: white, dark, blue and more.

Ambiance & Radiance colors

Ambiance & Radiance Colors, a theme pack that provides Ambiance and Radiance in various colors, was updated today with 3 new colors: Aqua, Teal and Manila, to match the latest Humanity Colors icons.

Download Page


If you found more interesting themes, comment it below. We will add it with Credits.Thanks.