Top 5 Websites To Buy Domain Name

Sometimes it can happen that a person is ready with a wonderful idea or name for a website, but he may not have the sufficient and accurate information from where to get registered that particular idea or name in the Domain Name System. So the first thing about which you should search is Top Level Domain Provider. Though you can get lot of information from your friends still there is no guarantee that the information which you may be getting is correct, sufficient and relevant for you or not. Picking the best Domain Name provider is a tricky and daunting task.

Where to buy a Domain name
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Below are the top 5 websites, where you can buy domain name- whose performance, service and support are considered to the best in the market and their rates are also reasonable.


It is one of the most popular names in the market for domain registration. Over the years, it has build a huge customer base by offering some most attractive deals in the form of a complete package for both domain and hosting which really appeals to the customers.  They are charging just a meager sum of Rs. 109 for domain registration for one year in advance. You have the option of either paying by debit or credit card.


It is also an established name and of course a popular option for domain name registration. Good thing is that it gives you the multiple options for domain registration like .com domains, .mobi domains, .co domains, .in domains, .org domains. If you want a particular domain name to be transferred in your name, then it is also feasible very easily on  It gives you the best value for your money. Payment option you can choose any one out of Paypal, Mastercard, Visacard, discover, American Express.

  1. is another good website for registering your favorite domains. For .com domains they are charging $10.69 and for .net and .org its $11.48 per year. If you are not happy with your existing arrangement, then you can try as its service and support are quite good. They also give a series of hosting features with domain registration. They also offer very attractive price in some type of contest on Facebook and Twitter. For that you will have to keep a continuous watch on it, as it is open only for a limited period.


There can’t be any better option than, if you looking for cheap priced domain registration. They are providing best services and support at the lowest price. They are charging just Rs. 99 for a .com of your choice, plus best services like multiple email accounts, Domain Theft protection, Mail forwarding, domain forwarding and free ads on worth Rs 5000.


It is another good website for domain registration if you have an idea, business or services which need to be registered. Just try for once. Even if you are already hooked up with any other domain register services then you should try it, as its rates are very reasonable and cheap. it’s Rs. 525, for .org Rs. 190, for .net Rs. 439 and for .info it’s Rs. 299.