Top 5 Free Online Photo Editor like Photoshop

We all believe on and accept it a truth that Adobe’s Photoshop is the best photo editor, it features easy to understand and user-friendly interface, also having the great ability of editing and styling photos as of your choice and requirements. But this is also the truth that it becomes very expensive for computer users. Someone may not be able to buy this because of low budget. So alternatively, they try to find such tools that can perform their work and are under their budget too (or free tool which don’t cost them anything)

This post will provide you a bunch of online photo editor which will have features that I hope you will find very useful.

First thing I would like say that these tools will edit your photos directly from your browser so they don’t requires anything to download on your computer, Secondly, even some of them will not bother you by asking for registration in order to get started, and probably are able to do almost every basic editing that your photo requires.

Free Online Photo Editor like Photoshop

Well, without wasting your time anymore, we are here to share our research with you in which we short-listed some best web-based photo editors as there are tons of tools available on internet. Just look at the below tools and read the description of each to get a brief information about it.

So let dive into it…


Let start with the more accurate alternative to adobe photoshop online photo editor. Sumopaint is a web-based free photo editor which gives you almost all the tools that adobe photoshop gives you. You can start designing a new photo or can edit your photo from your computer or by entering a URL of an image. Once you had uploaded the image, you can either edit the photo (like Crop, rotate, change size, inverse, brightness, Adjustments and many more) or add some affects using the tools from the right side toolbar. It has about 35 tools including lasso, magic wand, text, pencil, Ink etc.

sumopaint online photo editor

Online Photoshop Free

Online Photoshop Free is yet another free photo editor which is a great addition to your directory of brain that I would like to add because using this tool, you will be easily create & design new photos or can upload a photo from your computer or by entering a URL for the image. It follows the Photoshop interface to provide you a web-based version of Photoshop, Just like the desktop version, you will see the toolbox at the right side where almost all the tools are available as founded in Photoshop

Online Photoshop Free


Lunapic comes with a bunch of tools and affects which can be applied to your photos after uploading your photos. Just as the photoshop by adobe, at the right sidebar you will see a toolbar of tools including Text, Cut out, Drawing, Gradient tools etc.  At the top menu-bar, you can see other (Editing, Adjustments and drawing) options which can be selected and added to your photos you’ve on the board. Within the user-friendly and fair interface, you will be easily designing your photos online without anything to download and install.

Lunapic online photo editor


Yet another good and useful online photo editor comes to be discussed. We found ipiccy very useful and good choice for editing web graphics or from your computer.

Apart from other basic photo editing, this can be used to create photo collages as well.

After uploading your photo from your computer or from other place, you can select affects and editing options from the top menu-bar (including Basic editor, Retouch, Photo Effects, Blender, Frames etc), Once you’ve selected one from the top, you will then picking up a tool from the toolbox presented at the right sidebar. I suggest using this tool because of its unique and handy features ad discussed above.

Ipiccy online photo editor


Fotoflexer is amongst the most popular online photo editor which comes with some unique features for editing your photos either from your computer or uploading directly from internet. It uses interface not like the photoshop but using a top menu-bar for tools and affects which can be applied to your photos.  So what you will have to do is to select an option from the top menu-bar, the tools will be presented just below it.

FotoFlexer photo Editor

Final Verdict

At the end, we conclude that using online photo editor, we can edit our photos as we want. For this task, these web-apps becomes handy and useful. It saves us from the process of paying, downloading and installing the desktop photo editors which takes lots of time and costs us a lot.

At the end, I hope you liked our collection, in case of any missing, feel free to let us know if there exist a better one.

Author Bio

Basheer Ahmad is a blogger who loves to surf online and share some useful internet tools like Photoshop Online and other graphics related sources. You can contact him on Facebook and google+