Top 5 Content Managements System for Bloggers 2016

A content management system (CMS) is an application that allows publishing, editing, modifying, organizing, deleting, and maintaining content from a central interface. As said its a tool to publish and maintain your website seamlessly. In this post I’ve listed the top 5 Content management systems (CMS) to create your own website.

Using the following Content Management System you can create your awesome dream blog within minutes. If you need a professional blog or a website you can contact a good Digital Branding Agency.

Top 5 Content Managements System (CMS)


WordPress is the so far best Opensource Content Management System in the planet since 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress makes it Trustworthy blog publishing platform. litrally you can create any kind of website using WordPress. WordPress available as Hosted and Self-Hosted. Lot of plugins and developers available.

  • Pros: Opensource, Lot of free plugins, themes, Good for SEO
  • Cons: Haven’t found any 😛


One of the best blogging platform owned by Google. If you are a newbie blogger then you have to choose Blogger for your blogging career. Even some Pro bloggers depends on Blogger platform since it is owned by Google it must be fast and can handle high real time traffic.

Its also a best choice if you have some less investment for your blog.

  • Pros: Free, Can handle more real-time users, Can get Adsense account easily than Others
  • Cons: No Copyright content allowed, limited access to code


b2evolution is a good alternative for WordPress,it will easily let you build a website consisting of any combination you choose of blogs, pages, photo galleries, forums, online manuals and more. You have full control of how small or how complex you want your website to be. You can start small (for example a simple blog) and extend it later. You can also customize the look & feel of each section with a combination of Skins and Widgets.

  • Pros: Opensource, let you build a customized blog.
  • Cons: less resources and developers.


Are you a developer ?. Fan of GitHub ?.

Then you have to go with TinyPress, because TinyPress allows you create and manage your blog on Github via Github pages. Github pages are simple static websites [and/or blogs] for you and your projects, freely hosted and published through Github.

Github freely hosts your blog which is made of Tinypress, really helpful for developers to write and publish articles to their readers.

  • Pros: Light weight, fast, free.
  • Cons: Very simple, Only good for developers.


Anchor is a super-simple,lightweight blog system, made to let you just write. Since it is a very clean and light weight content management system it uses much less resources than other management systems, if you own a less spec server then Anchor is once good choice to your blogging journey.

  • Pros: Light weight, fast, Opensource
  • Cons: Very simple, Less resources

If you found any Interesting content management system for you blogging journey, share it on the comment section below.

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