Top 3 Applications to Download Youtube Videos

Youtube has become a world’s most active site where billion of users are active on daily basis. Thousands of videos are being uploaded on Youtube on daily basis. It contains various type of categories where you can watch any of your desired ones. It also allows companies to do live session through their Channel and their subscribers can be able to watch those Youtube videos.But Here we are going to show you how you can download HQ Youtube Videos With Below Listed 3 Applications.


As we all know that youtube doesn’t provide users to download their videos it doesn’t have any feature to let users avail this service. In trending section you can watch videos that are trending and it will show your interest so it won’t irritate you by showing such videos where you are not even interested and indeed it is a good option that we would be able to find new videos on our interest and most probably we watch funny videos to amuse ourself.

Download Youtube Videos

There you are free to watch any of the videos even you can watch live news of any of the desired news channel just you have to go through their channel to watch live news channel on Youtube. Youtube contains the variety of features and it is integrated with Google+ and Google+ Can be availed via Gmail account.In order to use Google+ you must be logged in with a Gmail account then you will be able to comment on any video also, You will be able to subscribe your favorite channels you will be notified when there is any update from that channel.It is a huge need of a YouTube user that there must be any Program that can help them to download YouTube Videos .

Downloading YouTube video is easy now When There are some Popular apps available and being shared through this article.Actually, there are tons of applications to Download YouTube videos but we have picked some of the best ones that really works Safely.

3 Best Applications For Downloading Youtube Videos

1. Og YouTube

Og Youtube is indeed a fast ever application that contains lots of features in just a single handy App.You can simply watch YouTube videos through this app and you ‘re able to download them instantly. It has always been a first ever choice when it comes up on Best Applications to Download YouTube Videos.

Og YouTube is a fastest and a reliable application which let the users avail free service.It’s Performance attract users to download this app again and again because there is no stops or legging issue in the app.

2. Tubemate

Tubemate is an Old but a Gold application which is available free for Android users.It works like a charm as it has indeed fast performance and you can simply download YouTube videos with Tubemate.

It has thousands of downloads on daily basis. most of YouTubers use this application to download and store those videos in their smartphones

3. YouTube Video Downloader

It has the variety of features and most reliable application that has instant service to download YouTube videos directly on your smartphones.I have used this and I always prefer everyone to download this app for the purpose of downloading YouTube videos.

Due to its reliability, this app is still being downloaded thousand times a day .It is one of the Best Applications To Download YouTube Videos.It has auto sync option so you can easily download YouTube video through this app.

Conclusion :-

So, This was our article which is related to download youtube videos in High Definition.Most of the guys are looking for this because they were not able to download their favorite youtube videos in high quality and that’s why we have listed 3 most downloaded applications in this article.

if You have any queries do let us know through comments we will try to reply you as soon as possible.