Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools 2016

Managing different activities and networks at the same time can be challenging and that’s where the concept of social media management tools comes in picture. These easy to use platforms let you keep an eye on and promptly reply to all your messages on social accounts, monitor, schedule posts in advance and analyze all your online activities.

In today’s scenario social media is plays a key role in the marketing world and by all accounts it will further enhance all other aspects of life and work. So, to be prepared and ready, this is that time of year in which you can organize our social-media tool boxes by adding some new and innovative tools that can be a game-changers for you in terms their effectiveness to reach certain strategic objectives.

There are many of tools available today, but choosing the right one for your business can sometimes become difficult and for that you can have a look at the below mentioned top 10 most useful and popular social media management tools that can ease your decision.

  1. Canva

With the basic need in increased use of different visual content as part of your social media posts, you can choose this innovative tool for high quality images that also fits your budget. Further, it also offers numerous templates which help you look like a great designer while posting your project.


  1. Buffer

If you are looking for any simple and efficient management tool for scheduling your updates then this will definitely work for you because this tool makes posting of your social media content across different accounts easier. It further allows you to create a schedule for your twitter, facebook and LinkedIn accounts all in one place by creating a queue and saving you time.


3. Edgar

Sometimes it is absolutely okay to use your old content on social media as long as it’s relevant, because it becomes often hard to find new content among the daily social-media posts. But this dynamic tool can solve that by helping you to locate some of the fabulous content that many viewers have missed.


4. BundlePost

This tool is another option for scheduling your posts but one that comes with tremendous features that improve upon other options. One important highlight about this tool is that it will replace commonly used keywords with hashtags which vastly improves your engagement results.


5. SocialClout

It basically focuses on where you can make significant improvements in your engagements, keywords and campaigns. It can also deliver reports on demographics and social media results and all these reports provide accurate data on multiple social media accounts to help you easily track the progress and note the differences in responses from other people as well.


6. Sendible

This is a very powerful tool that brings together all aspects of your social media management responsibilities as it includes pulling all your posts and comments into one dashboard for further analysis.


7. Openr

This is the most useful tool as it lets you add a promotional message to any message you share on all your social media profiles which results in more leads and traffic while letting you learn more about difference audience.


8. Socedo

This powerful tool enhances the lead generation process by bringing in relevant information through social media. It also matches user’s interest with your defined criteria and further engages prospective customers by automatically using a directed workflow with more ease.


9. HootSuite

It is most popularly used tool if you are looking for various publishing and workflow features, analytics and managing campaigns and that too all at one place and one link.


10. Spredfast

This tool allows users to monitor their online conversations through keyword searches and also recommend them for managing their multiple media sites and its reliability. Therefore, if reporting is your main concern and that is what you are looking for, and then this will be best for you.


Choosing a best social media marketing tool is always tough by the above tools will help you in almost every aspect of your work. But specific tool selection should be entirely dependent on different needs of your organization.

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