Top 10 Google Search Tricks 2015

Sometimes now matter how you search in google, you cant get accurate results. Following listed are some of the Google tricks that perhaps you never knew of before will help you to find out what you need accurately.


Top 10 Google Search Tricks

Put asterisks in place of the word you can’t remember in a song (or, any phrase), and Google will understand you

google search trick 1

Prefixing “intitle:” to the keywords will show results that have those keywords in their titles (don’t leave space)

google search trick 2

You can exclude words that you don’t want the results to include by prefixing the ‘minus’ sign to the word you want to exclude


Hilarious GIFs can be found easily by clicking “Animated” from “Search Tools”


Search to see if your website is given as a link on some other website by typing- link:[insert website’s name]

google search trick 4

And to find websites of similar nature, enter- related:[insert website’s name]


To find places near your area, simply say- [insert the place kind] near me


Know the flight schedule by typing – [insert the name of the flight]



Use the following keywords to get instant results on Google

  • time – Shows you the current time of your zone
  • time in [city name] – shows you the time in the specified city
  • ip address – shows your public ip address
  • weather – shows weather in your city
  • weather in [city name] – shows you the weather in the specified city
  • tip calculator – Gives you a tip calculator
  • calculator – Gives you a scientific calculator
  • [money] to [money] – Currency converter
  • Set timer for [insert time] – Gives you a Timer
  • [insert word] etymology – Search for the origin of words by suffixing etymology to the word.
  • sunrise [insert city name], or, sunset [insert city name] – Shows the sunrise and sunset time of the city

These are some of google commands, if you know any other interesting commands please share with us on the comments section below.