Smart Ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to Your Website

You create backlinks when you have to get some domain authority from any other website. This is important from the SEO point of view because this is one of the way of getting your site on the high ranks on search engines like Google. By topping the search engine result page, you can get traffic and conversion too.

Your backlinks decides how much traffic you are going to get. That is why every SEO guy prefers to get a link on any high ranking and traffic website.

These all practices of building backlinks are only to get the attention of web crawler. Google’s web crawler is responsible of website ratings. Google only rate those websites which have good backlinks. Not only this, there are numerous factors too which can make effect on your Google ranking. However, backlinks are imperative metric for SEO.

Just like every important thing is hard to get, quality backlinks are hard to get too. The better website you find to get your link the more effort you have to make to get your link on it. However, there are some ways through which you can easily connect top rank or high domain authority website to your website as recommended by the best SEO Company Dubai which I am going to list down below.

Broken-Link building:

Before building the broken-link, it is important to find some relevant websites as per your category of business which should have the resource pages. To make the things easier for you, following are some of the queries that make you able to filter the Google’s result and get you more accurate results as compared to general query.

  • Your keyword + links
  • Your keywords + resources
  • Keywords inurl: links

Advantages of Guest Posts:

If you have a writer who can write impeccable content for you then you have a greater chance of building up your relations with the audience. If you are not sure about the method of using guest posting or your writer’s content then it is better to start with searching the platforms for your posts by using following queries.

  • Your keyword + inurl: write-for-us
  • Your keyword + guest-posts
  • Your keyword + inurl: guest-post-guidelines
  • Your keyword + become a contributor
  • Your keyword + bloggers wanted
  • Your keyword + submit an article
  • Your keyword + want to write for
  • Your keyword + contribute
  • Your keyword + become an author
  • Your keyword + guest post by
  • Your keyword + now accepting guest posts

Keep your competitor on check:

SEO is all about strategy and utilizing the available tools and the content. That is what makes keeping eye on your competitor more important. An experienced SEO person can analyze the entire SEO practices of any website just by going through some pages of it. Moreover, the SEO trend can also be judged by evaluating the social media pages of the website and tracing it link by link. This can tell you what your competitor is up to and what you can do to keep one step ahead of him every time.

Content Promotion:

Even if you have Shakespeare in your writing team, without promoting their content he still is just an ordinary writer. It is important that you promote your content in the right way. This is not only important for the customers but also to get links on different platforms. For this, you have to do some networking and have to outreach different websites owners to publish your posts on their websites.

The most common way of promoting your content is to publish it on the bloggers website monthly or weekly bases. Do not forget to add your keyword and link in that content so Google’s crawler can also get some leverage from it.

Get interviewed:

It is the thing for the future but important to start early. You will only get chance of online interview when you would get good enough authority and traffic in any niche to get interviewed. Through this, you can also get substantial amount of backlinks. In this period, instead of approaching the people, people will approach you and give you interview invitations. But for this, sufficient amount of work is required and you have to take numerous steps to reach that point. Just for the starter, it is better to reach out some website that run interviews and request them to allow you to become the part of the interview and also contributor of knowledge of particular niche.

Final Words:

Search of the quality backlinks are not easy to find and is also a tester for the SEO person. Albeit, thousands of people around the world are getting quality backlinks for their websites just by keeping aware of one fact which is retaining backlinks are as important as building new ones. That is why even after getting published and crawled, it is important for every link builder to keep a check on those backlinks through different tools like Ahrefs, Majestic and Monitor Backlinks.