How is a Trusted Link Shortener ?

Over the years, there have been massive advancements in technology and communication. From initially being used as a means of communication between people all over the world, the internet has evolved into something that can be used by bloggers from different parts of the world as a means to make money sitting at their homes and waiting.

The process of URL shortening is pretty simple. It is basically the method of reducing the size of the URL of a particular blog and linking it with a form of online advertisement for various products that helps the blogger mint money. is a European based company that specializes in this field. The website and its applications can be used to shorten URLs and simultaneously make money.

The art of using presents a very effective yet simple method for all the bloggers out there to easily earn a living. The process is simple. A person with a small scale or medium scale website can also make use of because, size doesn’t matter.

All the user is required to do is to register an account on the website. This can either be done as an independent account or the user can just register using a facebook account in just one step. Then the only thing that needs to be done is using the website to shorten URLs of blogs. There is also an option available for this shortening method to be done for multiple blogs at the same time. These blogs or pages can include facebook images, YouTube videos and even WordPress blogs. Then the blogger just needs to share this URL and wait for people to click on it. When a user clicks on the URL, he/she will be redirected to an advertisement that they are supposed to watch, before going to the website pertaining to the shared link. The blogger will be given money according to the rates per click in the country. images

Features for non bloggers:

If you are a person without a social media blog of any kind, there is nothing you have to worry about. The page itself offers a list of affiliated referrals. These referrals are mainly referrals are mainly sites that are connected to The user needs to shorten these URLs and just share them as usual. And based on the amount of clicks on the shared links, the user will be eligible to obtain 20% of the money earned by the referred site using this marketing strategy. Moreover, the account made on can b used to contain any kind of URL and is also valid for a lifetime.

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Method of Payment:

The time and also the way of obtaining these payments is also not that tough. All the user needs to do is have a paypal or payoneer account with all the updated settings in his/her name. The companies connected to being large scale, will make sure that the payments are updated on a very regular basis. The money received is calculated per every 1000 visits or clicks on the link. The value varies from $0.28 to $1.66 from one country to another. Plus this payment is given on the tenth of every month provided the total reaches a minimum of $5.

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Final Verdict:

Finally , is one of the simplest and most reliable ways to make money online. You can even make a good amount of money without a blog. Go ahead, try it.

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