Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to come with 64GB storage and a blue colour variant?

Samsung has finally announced its next flagship as the Samsung Note 7. Many of us have been wondering why Note 7, and not Note 6? Well, this might sound funny though, but at the same time it has some logic too. With the Samsung Galaxy S7 release, if Samsung releases a Note 6 along with it, the latter might sound somewhat outdates while users would be more inclined towards the Samsung Galaxy S7 for obvious reasons. Therefore, to maintain all the jazz about the next Note flagship from Samsung, the Next Note from Samsung has been named as Galaxy Note 7; and not Note 5.

There are certain things that we already know about the phone, which includes that it would rather be a larger screen g with an Iris scanner (which of course we have been hearing to for quite a couple of years now) and a waterproof body. However, now, we have been informed about yet another leak/expected feature for the Galaxy Note 7, which is the 64 GB of inbuilt storage and the blue colour variant.
As per a new tweet, which has taken the tech world by storm, a tweet from Even Blass (@evleaks) says that the Galaxy Note 7 would feature a 5.7-inch QHD Super AMOLED display along with a 64GB of internal storage and would bring back the micro SD card slot. In addition to this, the changes in the Note 7 would include a 12-megapixel primary camera with dual-pixel phase-detection autofocus, and a 5-megapixel secondary camera. As already stated above, the Note 7 would be water proof which and it comes with IP68 certification for water- and dust-resistance. In the tweet, he also mentioned about the colour variants which are going to be available in the form of three colour options, namely, black, silver, and blue.
We have known most of the above features since a month now, only the storage options and the colour options have come to us as a fresh new feature.
We are expecting the Samsung to launch its Galaxy Note 7 on the 7th of August this year and in addition to the above features, the Note 7 is also expected to come with a USB Type-C port. As to what we have been hearing and the latest rumours, the Note 7 would also feature a number S Note-related features, and a BlackBerry Hub-like Samsung Focus app.
Until the final release is out, we can expect anything to happen, isn’t it? So let us all wait up until we hear some official news!

Guest post by Riya Dey