Samsung Galaxy Alpha: Smaller battery but bigger life

Samsung Galaxy Alpha is setting record with its performance. If you look on the specifications you would find 8-core processor, 2GB RAM, 12MP camera, 720p display and more and just capacity of battery 1860 mAh.

There exists few smartphone, which carry the double amount of battery, but still the backup of Alpha is comparable to that double capacity battery. Thanks to the efficient processor inside the Alpha. The unit provides a variety of options to save energy. In addition to standard features such as CPU performance limits and trip data in standby mode in Alpha have the opportunity to put the device in black and white mode or turn your smartphone into a regular phone (turn off all the “smart” features to restrict access to applications – the Samsung call it ” extreme energy efficiency”). Set all the parameters to fit your needs, you can extend the battery life for an hour or two.


The smartphone Galaxy Alpha runs on the operating system Android 4.4.4 KitKat installed on top of it with a proprietary interface TouchWiz latest version – the same as that put in the Galaxy S5. Shell from Samsung has ceased to be lurid than it suffered another year and a half ago. Koreans also move to calm scale design; do not torment eyes, flat icons and thin fonts. But another thing: once heavy TouchWiz is very well optimized – and now the launcher runs stably and smoothly. Settings menu in the interface of Samsung still looks scary – it some incredible amount of paragraphs and subparagraphs. Remember, what, where, and in what particular place is not so simple. So that the user does not lose the settings provided search parameters. Settings menu, you can display a list, a grid or a standard way – with lots of tabs-categories.

A set of built-in applications in Samsung Alpha includes all of the standard utilities Google; many standard programs like Android music player and calendar replaced own made Samsung. However, the Koreans could not resist and added a bit rubbish – among other things, a smartphone preinstalled couple of apps, a file manager, a demo version of antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security.

Also in the smartphone provides a number of useful services of Samsung. The most interesting of them is a tool to monitor the health using S Health and voice assistant S Voice. The first app counts your steps can follow the diet and exercise, provides tips on stress – a kind of a personal trainer. Moreover, the program is able to measure the pulse by a sensor on the rear panel and calculate your stress.

The smartphone is equipped with a fingerprint sensor. It works smartly and quite accurately – their recognizes not let strangers to use your. Availability of fingerprint sensor pleases: unlock the device and pay for purchases in your store is much easier with the help of a finger, rather than alphanumeric password or PIN-code. And this is just beginning in the security more to come with the new releases like Galaxy S7 release date in September 2015.