How to Remove Facebook Last Seen Option 2014 Trick

Facebook such a lovely social networking site where every person from a school going child to a aged grandparents would at least know about it. May be not the functionality but they might have at least heard about it.

Any new features when added impress every ones attention.recently a new feature that is added in chat regarding the seen option which express the identity of the message sent or received is seen or not. But may be in few cases it might create a problem where you don’t want to let the person know about the activity of being seen.In case when you see a message and don’t respond to it the person who sent you a message would easily get to know about it and then their is a chance of creating some problem.
So in order to overcome this problem here comes a solution to Disable Facebook Seen Option in Chat You Just Need to Download an Unseen Extension For Your Web browser and it will Completely Disable the Seen Option in Your Facebook Chat.

How to Remove Facebook Last Seen Option :

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