Reach Beyond Your Existing Followers With Twitter

Twitter and face book are two important social media tools which are associated with every website today. You might have your business account on twitter for quite some time now and have earned a good number of followers. Though it is a great thing, you should check if all these followers are doing anything for  you apart from scrolling down your tweets.

You should remember that just having followers will not benefit your business in any way. You should be able to convert them into leads to customers. You can do many things to motivate the visitors and build the relationship that goes beyond rewetting and fallowing. The current article will discuss few things that you can do to find lead customers on twitter.

There are two types of customers, the ones that are in your network and the ones that are outside of it. You should search most possible ways to converts huge lot of people into your customers. Almost 600 million people are having their accounts on twitter today. just thing if you are making use of this big platform by actively looking and talking to your target audience. The first thing that you have to know your target audience on twitter is to  list keywords related to your products or business and search for them on the twitter platform. Trace out prospects that are interested in your business and re tweet their content mentioning you interested to get connected with them. You can exact information about your target audience by using advanced filter options on twitter.

Another good strategy to build the customer base on social media platform twitter is to  host voting contests. These voting contests on twitter helps you do much more. You can increase your email leads, learn about product preferences and gain consumer insights. Offer the product at a prize that attracts the customer , this will in turn motivate  the customer to participate and you will be able to attract the targeted group of audience.

Content is king is internet marketing and twitter marketing is not an exception for this. People mostly share quotes, questions and trivia on twitter. When you share quotes, you can expect good number of click through because all the people who have the same feeling will like to share the content on twitter. If you are indented to provoke engagement among the customers, you should choose questions. The questions you ask on the twitter can be anything but, you should let the people know that the answer can be found on your website therefore directing them to your website.  Whether you are tweeting a quote, question or trivia, the content should not exceed more than 140 characters so that  you can enough space for your link.

If you want t walk an extra mile with the twitter advertising, you should use twitter cards. They allow you to add images and videos beyond the 140 charter tweet. For this, you need to have advertising account on twitter apart from adding a bit code to your website.

 Author Bio: – Christina Maria is Professional Blogger & Writer. Christina has been writing Content for long time on Tech related themes & Topics. This Guest Post was composed By Christina.