The Note 7: Everything and one place!

Samsung has been one of the top smartphone companies since years now. Every other person these days is now a Samsung phone user, or, has at least for once used the phone earlier. We remember the others or not, but both the Samsung flagships- Samsung galaxy S series as well as the Galaxy note series has indeed broken all records and surpassed all other flagships in terms of consistency and of course newness. We have seen so many Smartphones, but by far, nothing like it.

By now, you must have known how grand the Galaxy Note 7 is going to be, well we had no doubts about that anyway. Given how Samsung has been giving to us all amazing features in each of the successors, we now only seem to wonder, What’s next and what more will Samsung get for us!
Here is a rough overview of how the Samsung Note 7 is going to look like!
To begin with, let us see how the display for the phone would look like. We have been hoping that the Smartphone would get an increase in its size, and a 5.8 inched screen is what we have got. Along with that, the evergreen 4k Super AMOLED screen remains!
Next in store is the processor for this master piece. An 823 Snapdragon processor along with a 6 GB of RAM is what we are going to see in this phablet by Samsung. The processor is the successor to the Snapdragon 820, and a 6 GB RAM is our gift from the makers. Now this is a 10 on 10 indeed!
Oh and, the security. The much talked feature, IRIS scanner is here. Fingerprint scanning of course remains. We were expecting the iris scanning technology in the last flagship as well, but somehow we did not have it. In addition to that, the Smartphone is also water proof and dust proof!
Given all the jazz that the phone has, the battery has to be sufficient and adequate to put up with all that this device will throw at it. A 4,000 mAh battery is just the thing we needed. Not to forget, fast charging is what the Samsung provides with this phone for the so many features and the kind of software and hardware it has!
Later on, news and leaks also confirmed that the phone would be available in three colors and in addition to that the SD card slot would as well come back to the phone. That’s all about it for now!