Microsoft India Wants to Make AI Accessible to Flipkart and other 650 Partners

In a conference held by Microsoft India in Bengaluru on March 28, the company put forward some amazing AI (Artificial Intelligence) solutions designed by them which will very soon transform businesses and also make our lives better on their implementation. Microsoft India wants to make its cognitive services, AI, Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning solutions accessible to 650 India based partners, including Flipkart, in order to build better solutions for India.

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Industry representatives across many sectors like IT, Healthcare, automotive amongst many others participated in this conference in Bengaluru. The conference was held for a single day and it had a design-thinking workshop focused on Artificial Intelligence where they talked about the benefits of AI and its usage to help humans.

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, had talked about three main emerging technologies in his recent book Hit Refresh. He is really optimistic about these technologies and is particularly fascinated with AI. He mentioned in his book that in the near future, the success of all the start-ups and existing organizations would depend on their AI usage. In his words, their success would be based on ‘how good they are at creating data feedback loops and leveraging AI around them’.

Microsoft has been working with AI for 25 years and they believe that AI can help humankind with finding more sustainable solutions for the new challenges faced by them, as said by the Executive Vice President of Business Development, Microsoft during the conference. The company had created a global group named Artificial Intelligence and Research (AI & R) which aimed at making AI accessible to every person and every organization and company. In a span of one year, Microsoft has deployed AI solutions in various important areas like healthcare, e-commerce, education, agriculture and many more with the help of its partners.

Microsoft has announced that it will sign a partnership with Forus health, a technology company, in order to provide AI services focusing on retinal imaging devices. This Bengaluru based company’s association with Microsoft will allow it to implement AI for the early identification of diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and macular degeneration, instances of avoidable blindness and their cure. The two companies worked together to equip 3Nethra devices by Forus Health with AI-based retinal imaging APIs. These devices can be operated even by the technicians who are minimally trained and the device has been put to use in over 20 countries. Their statistics show a number of 2 million people who have been impacted by this. The integration of 3Nethra devices with AI-based retinal imaging APIs will help in better disease detection and in identifying eye fundus images. The early detection and treatment of problems will be easier with this device thus helping the company as well as the consumers.

Microsoft India Partners

The customers and partners of Microsoft in India are using AI as well as offering AI-based solutions for different situations. Some of these situations include remote monitoring, fraud detection, biometric identification, face and speech recognition, customer segmentation, credit risk assessment, demands forecasting, lifetime value assessments, Omni channel analytics and many other contexts. The most famous partners of Microsoft in India include:

  • Flipkart: Flipkart uses AI for image recognition on its platform. For this scenario, it has been working with Microsoft which is helping them to make sure that the photos of their products are acceptable. They want the photographs on their platform to be accurate based on the products which are listed on its platform. This was reported by the Vice President- Engineering of Flipkart, Amar Nagaram, during the conference. Flipkart has around 50 million listed products on its platform. They use AI such as Cortana Intelligence Suite and Power BI which help with machine learning and analytical capabilities. They do this for data optimization in the areas of advertising, product discovery, pricing, marketing, merchandising, customer service, content moderation, etc. According to an example which Amar stated in the conference, they have the data to understand if the roads at a remote delivery location are more suitable for two wheelers or four wheelers for delivery depending on how good or broad the roads are.
  • Ola: Ola has already gone one step ahead in making the customers’ as well as the drivers’, experience of the ride easier by introducing Ola Play which is the first connected ridesharing car platform. They will implement AI and IoT offered by Microsoft to help their drivers with navigation guidance, predicting breakdowns and their passengers with cloud-based information and entertainment, and productivity. They will also use it to help auto manufacturers with customized digital experiences to be made available to their customers. These changes will also transform the car into an intelligent vehicle as it will be able to assess fuel efficiency and engine and driver performance on its own.
  • Others: Some of the other companies that have partnered with Microsoft for AI services which are WittyParrot, Hitachi Micro, BrainifAI, Nihilent Technologies among many others. Microsoft makes resources available to its partners for practice in AI, business analytics, big data, data warehousing, etc. This helps the partners to reach their customers better and develop better in-house capabilities.