How to Make a call for free without Internet

Imagine making phone calls for hours without having to pay a penny, even when you do not have an internet connection.

Yes ! Its Possible .

A team of engineers from Bangalore,India has been developed a project called freekall in which you can able to make free VoIP Calls without internet . The Freekall is collaboration of cloud technology with VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology. Using this we can able to make calls without internet and the interesting thing is the service is free forever.

Freekall is still in beta version , even though you can able to register your number now but the usage is limited , because their system currently supports only 10,000 requests at a time .Freekall makes money by playing advertisements on certain interval on both ends and when you make a call you have to hear advertisements Instead of ringtone .

How it Works ?

  • Freekall User has to dial 080-67683693 from its registered mobile number .
  • The Call Disconnects automatically after a ring , then you will get a call from the Freekall server .
  • Now you have to call the desired number , then freekall connect you to the user .