LG G6: Rumours, Speculations, Wishlists, Disclosed Features, Release Date and Much More

LG G4 was launched in April 2015. LG G5 was announced in February and came to the markets in April 2016. Now it takes no crystal ball to say that the next LG flagship phone will come to the market in April 2017. This is nothing but a calculated guess, which also says that we have plenty of time to daydream and save up for the next supreme tech LG is going to come up with.


A finer look

With LG G4 the company started a new trend in the android market. This was the first phone which earned LG a place with the big names like Samsung, Moto and Lenovo. But G4 was just the beginning. G4 definitely had the features to share the stage with the big guns, but it lacked presentation. The body was very simple and lacked a metallic finish. The thick coat on top of the light metal body made it feel cheap to hold and that was a huge turn-off for a majority of the tech buffs. The same problem persisted to a certain extent with LG G5. It had a simple painted aluminum body which did not justify the sky high prices people were paying for the 2016 flagship phone. Korean sources confirm that this time, LG is planning on using Corning Gorilla Glass 3.0 to reinforce the backside of the G6. Well, this definitely means that the phone won’t be as durable as the previous ones with the full metal jacket, but the looks will definitely reflect the prices people will pay for the 2017 benchmark tech from LG.
Strong cameras

The primary camera will be a minimum of 15 MP. This is definitely less than impressive for a phone to be released in 2017. But it will have wide lens technology coupled with Optical image stabilization plus, Dual LED, geo tagging, facial recognition, 3D front and back camera element and auto laser focus. The secondary camera will be a good 8 MP which will make Skyping and Snapchatting child’s play for all LG users.

High tech display

Display is still a huge concern when it comes to LG phones. Recent LG high end phones lack an OLED display and we fear that the lack of OLED integration in the upcoming G6 model will cause LG to lose out on market share. LG has been producing OLED display for Samsung and flat-screen TVs; it should not be too hard to integrate the same tech in its upcoming masterpiece in 2017. We expect nothing less than a 5.5” 4K display with a 4096 x 2160 screen resolution.

Newest features

The newest features to be included in the G6 are wireless charging with a superfast charging module that can boost 50% charge within 30 minutes. After Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is being powered by a massive 3600 mAh battery, LG is expected to power its upcoming flagship model with a minimum of 3000 mAh. LG G5 definitely stands out for its removable Li-Ion battery but it’s a far cry from the Samsung S7 series when it comes to talktime and battery life.

A few improvements

The upcoming LG G6 is also set to introduce a new generation of LG phones with front fingerprint scanners. The G5 does have fingerprint scanners, but the sensors are mounted on the back which makes it difficult to access. A new rumor about the speakers indicates that G6 may just incorporate front facing stereo speakers along with a wide-angle front camera.

Speculated price

Be ready to save around 500USD or around 47,759 INR for the finest LG product in the history of mobile Android technology.