Key Features of Android’s Lollipop 5.0

Hey Android geeks, you might have known that Android’s upcoming version for 2k15 is Lollipop 5.0 .But have you wondered about the power given to you by Lollipop? I admit that this is an essential revolution made by Android for smartphones.What about you? Do u agree ? If not, then lemme try to convince you by listing down each feature in this exciting package.


Yes you’ve read it right.You’ll be able to use three built-in accounts on your device to restrict unauthorised access using accounts such as

User Account:

This account is meant for the phone’s owner and he can control it by customizing the settings which is applied to other accounts too.

Guest Account:

Compare this with your Private browsing on your browser where records like data generated,sent or received are temporarily stored in this Guest account.

Profile Account:

In this account there’s no admin rights and so its suitable for your phone’s secondary user. What makes it so special is that you can limit the access to apps & services. Your important notifications,mails & photos are hidden to other users.So your privacy is not at risk anymore i presume.

Multiple accounts gives you full control


Priority mode on Lollipop
Priority mode on Lollipop

Hide your notifications from your personal social messaging apps  to strangers by turning on this mode.

Go to Settings>Sound and Notifications>App notifications

Choose your apps to hide notifications from it & set those as priority apps

To activate this mode,Press Volume up/down button and then turn on.


You can run a single app all the time which doesn’t close until you press a combo button.Are you wondering how this would be helpful? I’ll make it clear. When you’re using an app on your device sometimes you might press the home button which would minimize the app. So you’ll be distracted right! This feature comes in handy for you now. Get rid of these accidents by turning on this feature.

Pinning apps on screen
Pinning apps on screen

Pinning apps on screen

1) Go-To Settings>Screen Pinning  and turn on.

2) Open the app

3) Press the square/overview button on your phone

4) Select the app that you wish to pin

5) Pin it by touching the Pin symbol in the bottom right corner of your screen

Now pin an app of your choice to work on it without any distraction.


Wake up your screen
Wake up your screen by Double tapping

You can use this feature by double tapping your screen. But your phone must have a compatible hardware if you want to make use of it. This feature is seen widely on windows phones.Glad to have it on Android too.


Your essential settings are available in your notification panel. This time you’ll see some new shortcuts when you swipe down your screen till the bottom level. Flashlight is a new inbuilt option & it appears on the shortcuts.So uninstall that third party app right now and save some space on your phone.

Access Quick Settings
Access Quick Settings


Search icon inside settings
Search icon inside settings

When you are looking to change a setting available somewhere in that menu,then you can access that setting quickly by typing within the settings menu.  You’ll see a Magnifying glass icon






METER your Wi-Fi network:

Apart from these you can restrict background data usage on your phone connected over Wi-Fi network. You’ll be warned if the file is large and asks you for confirmation.

Enabling this feature shown as follows

Goto Settings->Data Usage->Network restrictions and set it to metered.

This feature came first to Windows phone 8 but Android had thrown light atleast now.

Play Lollipop game:

Go to Settings>About>tap Android version repeatedly & long press the Lollipop.You’ll see the launch of an Easter egg game that’s inspired from Flappy Bird. Play it if you have Lollipop now.


Lollipop game Flappy Android
Lollipop game Flappy Android


So that’s the key features of Lollipop. As soon as you have the update, check for the above controls & preserve your privacy.This OS makes your phone better than a laptop.If you need some more details on this please don’t hesitate to ask me on our forum.