iPhone 7 latest rumors : All you need to know

Apple has been one of the major smartphone companies that have always been in the lime light because of their improvements. Apple recently announced the iOS 10, Mac OS and many other software updats for its Apple TV and much more. Not the big announcement is the iPhone 7 and it seems like the world cant wait for them to launch the iPhone 7 in September. So lets have a look at the changes that Apple is going to make in the iPhone 7.




Apple has been launching the iPhones with a base memory of 16 GB since the launch of iPhone 5. It seemed okay till they launched the iPhone 6S which has a pumped up camera and can even record 4K videos. That is why Apple has decided to bring the base storage to 32 GB and their top of the line variant will have a 256 GB storage option which is pretty cool.


To be honest, iPhone 6 and 6S had same design and underpinnings and yes, they are pretty boring to look at. However, this time, Apple is not throwing a new body design but modifying the current body. They have removed the antenna bars from the back panel which means in the iPhone 7, you will see the antenna lines only at the top and bottom of the device. Another huge change is that Apple engineers have decided to get rid of the 3.5 mm jack as their next generation of earphones will connect directly to the charging jack of the iPhone 7. One of the most interesting rumors states that the iPhone 7 will feature a dual SIM compatibility.


The performance of the iPhones have always been one of their unique selling points and this time there will be no exception as Apple is going for a 3 GB RAM which is 50 % more than the iPhone 6S. The performance of the iPhone 7 will also be bettered because Apple is going to fit in the latest A10 chip which will not only let you multitask in the smoothest way possible but also let you to play games smoothly.


Rumors are that iPhone 7 will sport the same 12 MP camera as we have seen in the iPhone 6S but it will also have a dual camera setup. This time, the cameras will have Optical image stabilization which will make it easy to capture images with shaky hands.


Apple is going to price the new iPhone 7 at the same price as their other devices so expectations are that it will be priced at RS. 60,000. Apple will also do a PRO version of the same and its prices are set to start at 70,000 rupees. Only time will tell about the real iPhone 7, till then we can only see the rumors.