How to Rank a Keyword at the Top of SERP

Writing a blog post is simple but ranking it on top of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) is tough . In this post I’ll share you some tips to rank your post at the top of SERP . Here I ranked one of my post (How to Build backlinks for Event Based Blog ?) for the keyword backlink for event based blog . The Result summary is below

rank your post at top of SERP


How to Rank a Keyword at the Top of SERP :

#1 Choosing keyword

Choosing a right Keyword is the major thing in ranking it , as we cant able to easily go for a high competition keyword so we will choose low competition long tail keyword . Choosing a Long Tail keyword is one of the proven way to rank easily.

Fact : Do you know that there are 200+ ranking factors for Google , soon I will share it as an Info-graphic 

#2 Applying the keyword

Most of the bloggers know how to use Keyword planner Tool , while you are in search of a keyword do not use only a single keyword has highest number of searches also try to use keywords has average number of searches . For eg. if a “xyz” keyword  has 50k searches do not use xyz alone for writing your post . Try to use other keyowrds too

Note : Using multiple keywords without any meaning leads to keyword stuffing  

#3 Submit your post at Webmaster tools

Only if your post is indexed Search Engine , your post will be ranked . So Fetch your URL from the Webmasters tools of Google , Bing etc.,

#4 Make Possible Inbound Links

Backlinks Increase your Quality of the post . More Backlinks = Top of SERP .

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#5 Social media attraction

Increasing social media attraction not only rank your post also increase your traffic to next level , Increasing audience for your post will definitely increase your Rank on SERP . So share your post on Facebook (Page + Groups ) ,Twitter ,Google + (Page + Profile + Communities) , Reddit , , etc.,

#6 Share on Blogging Communities

Even though your post is good enough is to rank on SERP there are many bloggers like you working hard to rank the same keyword for their blog content . To overcome those blogs you must have to share on your post on blogging communities . Consider you are sharing a post on 7 Blogging communities , if a person search your keyword and land on a Result page having top result of the keyword . In this case even thought your domain is not there on the first page at least the Post which is created on blogging communities will present there .

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