How to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

Hello fellow gamers, I know if you’re here I assume that you already playing the famous game PUBG (Player Unknown Battleground) with your friends which is a port of PC Version already. I too.

But most of us want to play the PUBG Mobile on PC and don’t want to buy PUBG Steam version.

Here is the way to play PUBG Mobile on PC using the Official Tencent Buddy emulator to play the game.

Steps to play PUBG Mobile on PC

Download Tencent Buddy emulator and Install it on your PC.

Download PUBG Game from the Tencent Buddy Emulator like in the screenshot below.

Open Emulator settings and Set a optimum Engine settings based on your PC resources. Try using low settings first, if you feel your PC can handle more, try to change settings and run in high frame rates.

Below is my engine settings.

Once you changed the settings, run the PUBG mobile game in your emulator and then enjoy the best battle royale game out in the world.

Note: You can play with your friends who’s on mobile with this emulator but your opponents will be matched  only with the players playing with same Tencent buddy emulator.

If you guys face any issues, kindly comment below. I’ll try to resolve the issue. See you again in another article or review.