How to Host WordPress Blog on VestaCP

Hello Fellow bloggers, after my Post about Top 5 Free Cpanel Alternatives 2015, I myself recommends VestaCP to host your WordPress blog or any other website. We are In need of buying a Private Server for our High Traffic Website(40,000+ Unique Visitors Per day) so I searched many website and found a great one – Time4VPSYes It managed the load very efficiently as they provide Dedicated CPU,RAM and 100 Mbps Port for Each VPS. Also they have very affordable price, starting from 1.99 EUR


If you are on Time4VPS, Then it will be a One Click Installation for you to host your wordpress blog on VestaCP.   Just Install OS using their OS template or else follow the steps to install WordPress on VesaCP. 

Currently Supported Operating Systems:

  • RHEL 5, RHEL 6
  • CentOS 5, CentOS 6
  • Debian 7
  • Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 12.10, Ubuntu 13.04, Ubuntu 13.10, Ubuntu 14.04

Installing VestaCP on your Centos, Ubuntu, Debain

  • Connect to your server as root via SSH
  • Download installation script
  • Run it

Install WordPress on VestaCP

  • Login to VestCP – https://x.x.x.x:8083/login – https is must.
  • Choose Package and Configure it default seems a good one.
  • Add your domain name under user:admin under Web – > Add Domain.
  • You have to Create FTP Details while creating your domain itself (You can also add it later).
  • Use Nginx and Nginx Template as caching to make your blog even faster.
  • Create a database under DB – > Add database .
  • Download Latest WordPress installation files from here.
  • untar them and upload using ftp.
  • Now Goto your domain and install WordPress using the details database that you had created.
  • You are done.

Troubleshooting WordPress Permission Error

You may get several permissions errors after installing WordPress on VestaCP. login to SSH using Putty and execute the following command.The Command shown below is for default admin account, you have to change the admin to your username.

If you don’t do the above step you cant update anything and you cant upload anything to media library.

Thanks for watching up the tutorial, do comment if you have any issues and also let me know if you have any hooks to improve this tutorial. Thanks