How to Controll Android Device Using PC

Controlling Android Device & Your PC Simultaneously is a Hard thing , In This Tutorial You are going to Learn How to Controll Android Device Using PC Easily via WiFi tethering or through Internet via a Android Application called AirDroid.


How to Controll Android Device Using PC ??? Follow The Below Steps :

  • Download Airdroid From Play Store
  • Install it In Your Android Device
  • Open AirDroid App




  • In the Tools tab select Tethering, then Enable Set up portable Hotspot
  • Now you can control your Android device via Browser.
  • You can transfer files, Install Apps, Play Video etc.



Connecting Device through Internet:

  • Connect both the Android Device and your PC to a working Internet connection
  • Open AirDroid App
  • Login with your AirDroid account
  • In the PC’s Browser open and login with your AirDroid account

Featured Image Courtesy – Google Images