How to change any laptop into Touchscreen

So, you have a non touch screen laptop ?

But you need to turn your existing non-touch-screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop?

Then here’s the solution,Airbar.


AirBar is a plug n touch device which converts your non-touch-screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop. Using AirBar you can pinch, swipe, zoom and scroll without a touchscreen.

The AirBar sensor works with your PC, and if you like to touch, this is it.

AirBar projects an invisible light field on the surface of your display that makes it possible to “touch” the screen and interact with Windows 8 and 10 gestures. Neonode’s zForce AIR technology, which can be used for all sorts of cool stuff.

The reason you can use anything to touch is that the light field reacts to any disturbance.

The AirBar is going to retail for $49 next month with its public launch in January 2016 at the CES event in Las Vegas. 15.6-inch screens size at present. Currently, the only size that AirBar accommodates is 15.6-inch screens.