How to be a Successful Blogging Entrepreneur

Creating a blog is easy now but being a successful blogger is a tough job. Many bloggers are now successful entrepreneurs recently in a press release Online education portal Collegedunia raises over $150K in angel funding which means they raised Rs 1 crore ($162,787) in angel funding from MIH-acquired automobile site’s CEO Umang Kumar, along with a bunch of undisclosed investors.

It means Entrepreneurship opportunity of  being a blogger is high , you can check Many Entrepreneurs on Yourstory and Businesswire India.


To be a successful blogger you have to follow the simple tips below :

1. Decide your Blogging Niche

Before you entering a blogging field, you have to decide your Blogging Niche (i.e) the type of articles that you decided to write. Be sure you are a good learner of that niche. Choosing a unknown niche will shutdown your blog quickly. Choose your domain name which has high number of chances to be on top of SERP and also make sure it is pronounceable and easy to memorize

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2. Make a strong Team

Strong team results in Quick achievements, you should make a like minded people to enhance your blog posts. Make sure you are not shaking your hands with people who loves to earn money online within a night. They are many peoples I’ve seen on Facebook that their main aim is to Earn online without doing any work.

3. Be Active

Being a Active Blogger will not only Earn you Money but also a Good Friend circle. Always a Genuine blogger will has a good amount of followers everywhere. Make atleast 2~3 Posts a week and make a perfect interaction with your followers.

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4. Do good SEO and Make Strong Backlinks

Doing Good SEO to your every posts makes a good results . I’ve written a lot of Posts on Creating Backlinks and  ranking your Keywords . I’ve listed some best posts below :

5. Monetize Perfectly

You should monetize your blog perfectly inorder to get maximum conversion of visitors into $$$. There are different ways of monetizing your blog

  • Adsense,, other alternatives
  • Sponsored Posts/Reviews
  • Links Advertising
  • Direct Advertising etc.,

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The above are some the methods to monetize your blog , Among this Adsense is the most loved network of current bloggers . According to me Sponsored contents and Direct Advertising will give you good results rather than Adsense and .