How to Add Google Authorship To Your Website

Google Authorship is a way of allowing article writers to Claim their Authorship of Their Article . Setting up Google Authorship doesn’t take much work, especially if a website is on WordPress or another platform that has plugins for Google Authorship.



Why is Google Authorship Important?

Google Authorship is important for a number of reasons. The simplest being that it helps to make your content stand-out amongst the other links in the search results. Displaying the author’s picture helps to create an emotional connection with the searcher, increasing the likelihood that your links will be clicked on.

Google Authorship works by creating a link between your content and your Google+ profile. The image that is displayed in the search results is taken from your Google+ profile picture. If the searcher clicks on your picture in the search results they are taken to your Google+ profile. Your name and current Google+ follower count is also displayed alongside the search result. This all helps to build credibility with the searcher and increases the visibility of your personal profile.

Steps To Add Google Authorship to Your Website :

  • Create Your G+ Account On Google , If You Don’t Have one Create it Here
  • Make sure that you have a Google+ profile with a recognisable headshot set as your profile photo.
  • Now Signup For A Google Authorship Using This Link Here






  • Now Edit Your Links Tab on Your Google Page & Add Like the Following Image



  • Now Add The Following HTML tag to Your About Author (Biography) In WordPress



  •  In the Above URL You Must Add ” ?rel=author ” Tag 
  • Use Google’s Rich Snippets Tool To Test Your Authorship – Tool Link
  • If You Are Using WordPress Install All In One Rich Snippets Plugin & Configure it For Each Posts To Get Better Rich Snippets