Global Web-Traffic and Page Ranking Stats

Hey amigos, have you ever wished to know about or count the number of visitors around the world for each popular website? Do you want to know its page rank and estimate internet usage percentage statistics on a global scale? If you have such wish then today i am here to answer your question.

First, have a look at the image shown below and try to predict what does this image represent.

Haven’t you got any idea about this pic yet?

Haven’t you seen this before?

Does this look like planets in our galaxy?

Now, look at this enlarged view of the same pic.

Are you able to understand this?

Haven’t you got any clue about this?

Well, then its time for me to explain about this stuff.

This is a map representation of global internet or web traffic for each popular website in each country. Each of these websites are displayed with a small introduction about it and other details like percentage of global internet users and their global ranking position based on alexa rankings calculations. Large circles indicate huge web traffic while small circles indicate the least web traffic. Size of the circle depends on global web traffic.

 Now, have a look at this below. You’ll be clear.

Here you could see some circles with different colors. These colors indicate web traffic for each website in each country like this one below:

 So that’s all you need to know about this. Now visit the site and then type the website or country that you are looking for. Zoom into the map for looking at websites in each country with least web traffic and click on the circle  to collect the statistics you need. 

Here’s the url of INTERNET MAP

P.S: Original source was was posted by me on my own blog