Faceapp API with Imgur using Express,NodeJS 2018

Hello everyone, if you are here.. you might already know about the popular android app called Faceapp which uses Artificial Intelligence to manipulate your face in a funny way.

In this post you can learn to use the Unofficial Faceapp API also upload the created image to Imgur using Imgur API.

** This API is unofficial reverse-engineering of the mobile clients and the servers they interact with. This means that it is subject to any of their limitations. (Disclaimer by the Module Dev)

We are going to use…

  • faceapp.js – npm module (npm i faceapp)
  • express – npm module (npm i express)
  • superagent – to fetch the source image from a url (npm i superagent)
  • imgur-uploader – npm module to use imgur api (npm i imgur-uploader)

Normal documentation:

Github link – https://www.npmjs.com/package/faceapp

also install the package globally and you can use it as a CLI.

Known Filters:
no-filter smile smile_2 hot old
young female_2 female male pan
hitman hollywood heisenberg impression lion
goatee hipster bangs glasses wave
The output will be like this ….

Post in the comment section if you have any queries… Thanks for reading.