Eleven Tips for Beginner Blogger to Find a Target Audience

There is no contention that an audience is a crucial part of the blogging process. For beginner bloggers, getting a target audience is not quite an easy task, but some tips can help you towards this end. As a beginner blogger, there is a lot that you have to plan, organize, and actualize.

You need to make up your mind on the mainstay of your blog, the frequency of articles on your blog. Further, you need to ensure that you set up the appropriate technological tools that will help you in the course of blogging.

There is a lot to figure out, and finding the target audience of your blog is top among what you should work on. Some tips include:

  • Social Media

Social media today has the potential to sway and influence conversations. It is where everybody is at in this age thanks to a boom in smartphones, access to the internet, and free social media applications. When setting up your blog, you can include the link in your bio on social media. You can as well share the link to groups that you are in on various social media platforms.

Working with a platform that best resonates with the mainstay of your blog is a surefire way of finding a target audience. For instance, if yours will be a photo-blog, then you will be best placed to work with Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook in that order.

  • Work With Influencers

Influencers, most of whom are social media-based, can be of immense use when it comes to finding a target audience. This is so because they reach a lot of users, and in most cases, these users hail from different backgrounds and have varying tastes and preferences. From this pool, you can surely find a target audience.

Working with influencers mainly involves putting the message out there for people to see, and marshaling efforts to ensure that the message reaches most people. You will surely get folks who might take an interest in your blog’s mainstay, and this is where you start building your target audience.

  • Learn From Others

There is a good chance that there are other beginners who are in the same predicament that you are in. There are good odds that they are not using the same strategies that you are using in finding a target audience. In this regard, therefore, you can make a point of learning from them. You can check out whatever they are doing and pick that which is relevant to your blog and aligns with your modus operandi.

Learning is not limited to beginners. You can also check out what seasoned bloggers are doing. These bloggers are as well looking for more audience. While their goals might be entirely different from yours, there is undoubtedly a thing or two to learn from them.

  • Start with Your Circle

Members of your circle can be the right place for finding a target audience. These are people that you know personally. They also know other people, and their networks can prove useful in your quest to find a target audience. Here is where referrals can come in handy.

Sharing the link of your blog or links of some articles on your blog with your friends who, in turn, share it with other folks is a good way of finding a target audience. The chances are high that some people in these networks have an interest in your blog’s mainstay. This is how you will get that audience, grow, and scale.

  • Working With Other Bloggers

Other bloggers have been in the blogging business for some time, and some are quite experienced. They have been through this stage of finding a target audience. Therefore, they have invaluable experience that can help you out in this situation.

Apart from them giving you tips and recommendations on how to proceed, they can, in some cases, personally act, share, or put in a word for your blog to people in their circle. This way, you might find interested people checking out your blog, and from this, you can also do things on your end to retain the audience.

  • Discussion Forums

There are tons of topics that find their way to discussion forums. These online forums contain folks from different areas of interest. Joining these forums and equally participating can help to expose you to lots of people and views. While at it, you could take the opportunity to let people know about your blog and its main area of focus.

This way, you will be actively seeking an audience, and there is a real chance that something will come out of these discussion forums as far as finding an audience goes.

  • Specialization

There are many topics out there that people can blog about. However, it is impossible to keep tabs and juggle a variety of issues in one blog. This can lead to a lack of clarity and confusion on the part of the target audience. Further, you are better off specializing in one area, since it allows you to do more stuff better and accurately.

Since a good proportion of the target audience will be in it for information and content on specific topics, you are better off working on a particular area. This also makes monitoring and evaluation easier since it becomes easy to track the progress readership and viewership. Consolidating efforts with the best writing service can put you ahead in your content game. These are key fundamentals in finding and retaining an audience.

  • Seek Feedback

It is possible that the mainstay of your blog well resonates with the target audience, but the quality of the delivery is not up to par. There is a good chance that you could not be hitting the nail with the content you are creating due to generalization and lack of focus. However, you will not know this if you do not seek feedback.

Feedback helps you know the quality of your work, and from it, you can make improvements and adjustments as well. This will help you to refine your work, which could be a pretext to an easy time finding and retaining your target audience.

  • Leverage Analytics

When you post content on your website and share it on social media, there will be viewership. This is so because there are very high chances you will share this content with various audiences on various platforms. All this is in a bid to find the target audience. In the process, there will be clicks on your link, and these numbers will reflect on the back end or technical area or admin interface of your blog.

These numbers can come in handy when it comes to finding your target audience. This is because you get to know the people who have an interest in your content. Further, analytics will help you study patterns of the audience – all of which is intelligence that you can leverage in finding your target audience.

  • Work with Surveys

Surveys are a surefire way of getting to know the audience better, their interests, as well as their expectations from your blog. On this survey, you can make things clear and elaborate further about the mainstay of your blog and what the audience can expect.

You can tailor these surveys in such a way that the information from them will complement other information that you have like the insights from analytics. All this information will help you refine your blog for the better, which can help you achieve your objectives as far as finding your target audience goes.

  • Deploy Automated Tools When Possible

The whole process of creating a blog and get it up and running is not an easy endeavor. You need to ensure that you get every other detail, right. You need to ensure that the design is optimal. You need to ensure that the components and items on your blog are relevant and make sense as far as the mainstay of your blog goes.

The aesthetic should be optimal. All this is to ensure that you will find a target audience, grow your audience, and retain it as well. In today’s digital and technologically-advanced world, leveraging automatons can help give you an edge.

It also helps you to spend less time on stuff that you could otherwise automate, and dedicate that time to other ends. This saved time can find its way in improving your site and looking for your target audience in various areas like, for instance, social media.

In summary, as a beginner blogger, it is not a secret that you have a lot to figure out. However, worth noting is that these are the basics or the base that will make it easier for you to advance, progress, and scale. When it comes to finding the audience, some surefire ways can help you in that regard.

Some of these ways might involve you using tech, and some might require you to interact with people. Whichever techniques you use, you can rest assured that there will be results in the end.