The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015

Consumer electronic show is one of the biggest events for the geek world where innovative technology products are exhibited on yearly basis for the past 12 years. Around 3500 exhibitors and 17000 attendees reported for this event  marking the largest record since its beginning. So let’s see what took the event to top notch this year which saw some innovative product launches for 2015



HeaGogoro-Family-Shotring this term for the first time right? Taiwanese Company Gogoro’s Smartscooter  promises us a top speed of 100km/h and travels up to 100kms.Yeah, this is an electric scooter. They named it as Smartscooter because it pairs with your smartphone to customize the setup of your scooter like turning lights on/off, customize digital display on handlebar and the sounds produced from it. They are too determined to setup a network of battery charging stations across cities when it enters the market for sale. It has a 8bhp power  and the motor is liquid cooled. It has a 18650 Li-Ion Battery from Panasonic. So if this runs out of charge you needn’t panic since your vehicle will also have a charging station. 🙂


IMG_0682A good news arrives from intel in the form of Intel Compute stick powered by a quad core Atom processor pre-loaded with 32GB for windows 8.1 or 16GB for linux of disk space. Also it comes along with Wi-Fi,on-board storage, and a micro SD card slot for additional storage. This is a simple plug and play device that fits in your palm to carry around.



Do you gsmarena_002feel that your attention is grabbed by this laptop’s mind boggling style? Yeah me too.This Chinese product is a game changer for the Gaming laptop series. It’s a 18.4” laptop running on 4th gen Intel core i7 processor ,powerful NVIDIA GTX 780Ms sporting 32GB of RAM with 1TB HDD  at 7200 rpm and upgradable SSD storage using 4 M.2 slots. Indeed it has a extensive cooling system & mechanical backlit keyboard most suitable for gaming in the dark with a eerie red glow across your face. Ignore the 4.5 kg weight that’s loaded with so much advancements you haven’t dreamed yet.


54d10de6b17a1_-_samsung-bendable-01-0115-deA monstrous 105 inches tall T.V from Samsung is a masterpiece  at theevent that is able to bend itself flawlessly from Flat screen to a Curved screen automatically with the touch of a button from our remote. Has a stunning 21:9 aspect ratio on the upper end of Ultra wide scale. But its price is equivalent to the price of Mercedes E-class car.


L.Y.N.X.9 Controller


This controller has been buzzing globally with a nickname called “Swiss Army Knife” for gaming from Mad-Catz. What makes this sharp gadget too cool is that it serves multipurpose for avid gamers. You can attach your tablet/smartphone on its expandable top stand or detach it to use for the same on both ends and foldable in your pocket for comfort with a protective shield. Pair it through Bluetooth Project your game on your T.V with the cables.

– Human Interface Device

– 30 hours of battery life

– Supports Giant Android devices

– 5pin -11pin adapter


YUNEEC Q500 Typhoon

yuneec_q500_00It is a 60 fps HD video recording & 12 MP camera drone that can do auto-landing. Sounds relieved in terms of crashing right. This comes bundled with two 5400mAh LIPO batteries,10 channel 2.4 GHz RC transmitter and ST10 ground station.It enables you to take aerial photographs using a remote controller and view the footage on the controller. Apart from this it also has GPS antenna,micro SD card,USB charger,car charger & a compass.




The latS1920x1080_ASUS-ZenFone-Zoom_front-and-backest smartphone from ASUS is the slimmest phone with optical zoom and offering a 13 MP camera now. 5.5-inch display with 1920 x 1080 (Full HD), 403ppi
IPS display & Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3.It has Optical Image Stabilisation, Laser guided AF,13 MP camera, 3X optical zoom, full manual controls and 3000mAh lithium-polymer battery too. Surely it wins over the Samsung Galaxy K in terms of design and weight.Infact, you have a Lollipop version of OS with Zen U.I too


Adadidas-micoach-smart-ball-results-in-appidas who’s been making match balls since ‘70s for World Cups has also entered the Technology revolution using Smartphone app for aspiring Football players to improve their skills. You can record point of impact data and videos by tapping ‘Kick’ on your iOS device’s app via Bluetooth pairing and improve your kicks by instructing you exactly where to strike the ball at which angle. Slow down those videos and analyze them in multiple angles. Finally, this information is represented as a performance graph over a time period.Also it can record upto 2000 kicks per charge.