How to Automate your desktop using NodeJS

Today.. I was working on one of my projects and came across this interesting node module called RobotJs to automate your desktop. The only Node.js first Desktop Automation Library, the first of its kind and I really liked the way it works flawlessly. Using RobotJS … read more..

Working with Spring Boot + HTML Forms + JQuery

In this post we’ll will see how to handle HTML form requests with Spring Boot Rest API using JQuery with Ajax. I was finding this difficult initially and then realized that it is as simple as that. So i thought i could write a simple … read more..

Faceapp API with Imgur using Express,NodeJS 2018

Hello everyone, if you are here.. you might already know about the popular android app called Faceapp which uses Artificial Intelligence to manipulate your face in a funny way. In this post you can learn to use the Unofficial Faceapp API also upload the created … read more..