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How to send messages to all Facebook friends in one click?

Facebook is the biggest social networking website with more than 1 billions of active users. In the year 2013, Facebook has introduced lots of new features such as chat boxes,…

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How to Host your Website on Github

Github is a hosting website for Software development projects that uses Git revision control system. It is free for all and you can host your projects there. Github has a…

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How to Download Android Apps directly on PC from playstore – Video Tutorial

Hi Guys Today Im Gonna Share You A Simle Trick To Download Android App’s (.apk) From Google Play Store Directly From Your Computer or PC , You Can Watch Our…

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How To Create A Custom GooglePlus Username?

Aah! At last! Just when we thought we would be stuck with the ridiculously long (and insane!) Google Plus profile URLs forever, Google finally announces a much anticipated feature on…

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How to change any laptop into Touchscreen

So, you have a non touch screen laptop ? But you need¬†to turn your existing non-touch-screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop? Then here’s the solution,Airbar. AirBar AirBar is a…

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Top 10 Google Search Tricks 2015

Sometimes now matter how you search in google, you cant get accurate results.¬†Following listed are some of the Google tricks that perhaps you never knew of before will help you…

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