How to Host your Website on Github

Github Logo

Github is a hosting website for Software development projects that uses Git revision control system. It is free for all and you can host your projects there. Github has a feature called Github Pages to host your personal website on Github Repository. You can host … read more..

How to Download Android Apps directly on PC from playstore – Video Tutorial

Hi Guys Today Im Gonna Share You A Simle Trick To Download Android App’s (.apk) From Google Play Store Directly From Your Computer or PC , You Can Watch Our Video Tutorial To Know it .

This trick has lot of importance if you are not an android user but still want to enjoy apps or game using emulators such as BlueStacks, Youwave. Moreover you can’t download android files from play store without linking an android device with account!

If You Want To Know How To Run Android On Your PC itself Do Check Here : How To Run Android On Your Computer
Note That You Cant Able To Download Any of The Paid App Using This Trick 🙂

How To Create A Custom GooglePlus Username?

Aah! At last! Just when we thought we would be stuck with the ridiculously long (and insane!) Google Plus profile URLs forever, Google finally announces a much anticipated feature on its social network; customizable profile URLs. Yes, that’s right! It’s time to join the Google Plus … read more..

How to change any laptop into Touchscreen

So, you have a non touch screen laptop ? But you need to turn your existing non-touch-screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop? Then here’s the solution,Airbar. AirBar AirBar is a plug n touch device which converts your non-touch-screen laptop into a Touch Screen laptop. Using AirBar … read more..

Top 10 Google Search Tricks 2015

Sometimes now matter how you search in google, you cant get accurate results. Following listed are some of the Google tricks that perhaps you never knew of before will help you to find out what you need accurately. Top 10 Google Search Tricks Put asterisks in … read more..