Faceapp API with Imgur using Express,NodeJS 2018

Hello everyone, if you are here.. you might already know about the popular android app called Faceapp which uses Artificial Intelligence to manipulate your face in a funny way. In this post you can learn to use the Unofficial Faceapp API also upload the created … read more..

How to Take an Audience First Approach to Your Content

Composing a content that not only ensures to enhance your online presence but also engages your prospective customers is quite challenging. If you wish to find a compelling space in your content, you must get on a journey with the audience or the target readers. … read more..

How to find good Power Point backgrounds

In the world of computer technologies we have almost forgotten how to express our thoughts without computers. There is no need to spend hours or even days preparing for any public performance. Instead of tons of paper, huge heavy boards and dozens of markers or … read more..