– Zbigz Alternative to Download Torrents Directly

We all know that Zbigz is one of the free web tool to download Torrents directly , I also wrote a post How To Convert Torrent To Direct Link 2014 to download torrents directly . Here comes a premium Zbigz alternative – . logo

What is ? is a bit torrent platform that allows users to download torrents to the cloud server and then access them through the server rather than downloading to the computer. Downloading to the cloud helps in avoiding being online for the entire duration of a download and is suited to people who do not have much time on their hands.

Features of Bitport :

Stream Torrents Online : With Bitport you don´t need to download the files, you can stream them with subtitles right in your browser, phone or tablet. That´s the ideal solution when you need to travel or you´re bored at school.Bitport has the feature to convert torrents to stream the video online .

bitport 1

Subtitle Feature : Not every website has a Subtitle Feature , I’ve seen it on YouTube alone . In Bitport you can able to stream torrents with subtitles .

Download without slowing down shared network : Torrents slow down network more than anything else. Bitport downloads it for you, so you don´t slow the internet connection for others.

Download Torrents to Cloud : With Bitport, you don´t need your own download client. All you need to do is choose what you want Bitport to download to your cloud. Bitport also downloads when your computer is off. Moreover, you can access your files anywhere.

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Search Torrents Online : Finding new torrents is easy. Search for the torrent you want via Bitport.

HTTPS Enabled Downloads : Premium accounts are protected by SSL certificate. All downloaded files are checked by a well-known antivirus NOD32.

Torrent Caching : While I’m using their Premium service , I was happen to notice that they have some  Torrent caching mechanism that if any user already downloaded the torrent which you are trying to download now will be saved on your disk immediately after adding the torrent file .

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Plans available on Bitport : is a remarkable Zbigz alternative, which provides a host of features to the users at an amazing speed with great reliability and surety. The downloading is directly to the cloud and safe at all times which maintains the trust of the users. The service allows versatile features to users from which a lot of benefit is gained and hence it is the best alternative among all.

bitport plans




Final Verdict :

I’ve using their small plan for the past 2 days , the download speed is incredible . The data of the user is always kept private and secure with a private cloud storage option. With the regularly updated features for the network, is a cloud network, which is getting highly popular and has become the number one of the best Zbigz alternate .