A Better Alternative To DropMyLink

DropMyLink is a great website for finding blogs that let you get a backlink to your website, but what are the alternatives to using DropMyLink? Well, a better alternative to DropMyLink is to use another website, such as PutMyLink or do your own research for queries to find websites that give backlinks.

The problem with DropMyLink however, is that:

  1. It only has about 5 types of websites it can find and it’s better for SEO to have a big range of websites giving you backlinks
  2. It searches Google for those websites. This is bad because Google monitors your search and may find it suspicious that every website you’ve visited has a link to your website. Google are not stupid, they know people are doing this and they don’t want you doing it; so you have to try to hide your actions

So what alternative do you have? The best way to generate backlinks is to search for websites that allow you to get backlinks in comments, but search using a search engine that doesn’t track you, such as DuckDuckGo.

Because I’m a nice guy, I’ve produced this list of searches that you can put into DuckDuckGo to find websites that give backlinks. Just copy any line from the list below, paste it into DuckDuckGo, add a keyword that is relevant to the website you are trying to generate backlinks for and search.

Here’s the list of searches to find comment websites:

“Notify me of follow-up comments?” “Submit the word you see below:”
“comments links could be nofollow free”
“Commentluv enabled”
“Enable commentluv”
“Top commenter”
“Top commenters”
“improve the web with nofollow reciprocity”
“this site uses keywordluv”
“You can leave a response, or trackback”
“post a comment” -“you must be logged in”
“Allowed HTML tags:”
“This blog uses premium CommentLuv” -“The version of CommentLuv on this site is no longer supported.”
“powered by expressionengine”
site:hubpages.com “hot hubs”
“Enter [email protected]
“get livefyre” “comment help” -“Comments have been disabled for this post”
“if you have a website, link to it here” “post a new comment”
“add to this list” site:squidoo.com

Other Tips To Find Websites Giving Comment Backlinks

So now you have your DropMyLink alternative, what other tips can I give you to find comment enabled websites? I mentioned that you shouldn’t use a search engine that tracks you. I guess the only other pointers I can give are:

  • Don’t get links from websites with spammy comments – Google may make you guilty of spamming by association
  • Only put links on web pages that have content relevant to your website or the web page you are linking to
  • Don’t just link to your homepage, get some links to other web pages on your website
  • Try to do links using relevant anchor text
  • Write relevant and useful comments – Your comments are more likely to be approved if they are quality comments and people are more likely to click on your links if they are interested in what you say. Also, the website owner has been kind enough to give you a link, show some appreciation and give them some good content in return!

About The Author

As a guest author for Tech4Bros, Lewis is a senior IT engineer managing IT projects for a 5,000 computer hospital. Lewis also manages an IT Support Forum, supporting users with a range of technology issues from managing Windows Servers to virtualisation. He has created and hosts numerous websites and owns a web design company that specializes in SEO. Lewis’s most successful website is currently ranked 296,698 in Alexa.