Best Web Tools to be used

            1. PIXLR



Are you looking for an online image editor delivering quality? Then definitely you must try this as there’s no competition, so far really..It has a user-friendly interface unlike Adobe’s Creative Cloud.Has a wide range of tools & effects but little practical editing experience is enough to get hang of.Its segregated into Editor,Express,O-matic under the same brand name.Though Pixlr Express is limited it has all that you need for a fast,on-the-go edit of your favourite pics.So, having it as an app  doesn’t hurt for Smart phone users..Yeah, its available on ANDROID and iOS. Go and grab it !

     2.  ONLINE OCR

Free Online OCR - convert scanned PDF and images to Word, JPEG to Word

It provides basic optical character recoginiton capablities.It comes handy if you have a hard copy of a document or an image and you wishi to convert it as a soft copy for editing  or reading on a  digital interface as text rather than an image. Using it is simple.

  1) Scan the document as PDF and upload it on this site to process.

  2)Save it either as a Word, Text, Excel, PDF or Html output formats.

The best news about it is FREE! and supports 32 recognition languages.


It’s an archive of all full-length films available on YouTube for free viewing right from known Box office to obscure-yet-interesting short films. It compiles a huge chunk of that collection which aims to bring the cream of YouTube crop all under one banner and easier to skim through to watch them.Always a great place for some pleasant surprising finds. Worth a visit, to entertain yourself digging through the amazing collection on this site !



Privnote is a site that creates self-destruction notes for you to deliver. It creates the note on a link that ceases to exist after its opened once. You have an app on Android & iOS similar to this named Wickr which needs a personalised account to add people using personalized ID’s for sending messages.Even you can fix timing to make it visible before it undergoes self destruction,leaving no trace..!


Do u find it difficult to share files online because of security concerns or saving it on a cloud server like Google drive or Wet Transfer ? This is an alternative solution for your needs. Process is simple.

1) Make sure you and the person to whom you want to send the file are online at same time.

2) Select the file of your choice.

3) A link is generated which has to be sent to said person.

4) The person(receiver) must click on the link.

5) Thus file transfer starts at the sender’s end while a simultaneous download happens at the receiver’s end..

Perfect for people who question safety of online file transfer sites. Go for it blindly!!


This is an online file converter which says “Convert anything to anything”.Cloud convert does an excellent job of converting files across a vast selection of formats making at the top of the list .But as per my analysis I’ve seen that it was unable to convert  .docx to .ogg .Hope so they’re trying to over sell their product. But its worth to try for your other needs without installation..Isn’t that enough for us ?! !