Best smartphone apps from Microsoft

Hello geeks, you are going to learn about how you could use smart phone to solve your daily tasks effectively using some handy apps. I am sure that you’ll feel proud for owning a Smartphone after reading this post. So, let me take you through the list of best available apps made by Microsoft for your smartphone that can make you life easier in this complicated world filled with external gadgets that cause pain.


  • Office Remote:

Do you have a review/seminar to present at your workplace or at school?

Then, you must try using this app because you can convert your smartphone as a remote to interact with Microsoft Office products on your PC via Bluetooth. With this app you get the power to control PowerPoint, Excel and Word files without having to walk back and forth near your PC. All major tasks required for presentation are loaded in this app. Also you save    your money without purchasing a Wireless presenter that lacks additional features  which this awesome app provides for free.

 Store: Android, ios , Windows


  • Microsoft Remote Desktop:

Do you want to connect to a remote PC with your smart phone?

 This app from Microsoft can fulfil your desire. Multi-touch and Gestures are supported to control your PC loaded with OS ranging from starter edition till Server Editions. What’s even more cool is that it has simplified User interface and  supports ‘Azure Remote App ‘ too. All you have to do is to configure your pc for a few minutes to unleash its potential. Finally, it offers a great  security without any technical glitches which everyone is wishing for.

  Store: Android, ios , Windows

  • Office Lens:

Do you want to have a pocket scanner to digitize images into PDF,Word,Powerpoint        and Business cards?

Try this app which can also identify the text using OCR for editing purpose. Snap pictures in two modes: Black board or White board(cleans up glares & shadows) as you wish and crop them. Above all you can share your notes & business cards in digital form with other colleagues and clients instantly. Try to save trees in this world using this app buddy.

Store: Android, ios , Windows

  • HealthVault:

Do you have a great concern for you Health and Medical Reports?

Record your health information on Microsoft’s HealthVault and view statistical reports about your health whenever you need. If you have fitness devices then it is easy to sync data to this app. Microsoft Health is another app made for fitness freaks. These apps share your health data with each other and you can view your medical records at any time. Smart way to keep track of your health and realize how healthy your body is since the time you started taking care for your health.

 Store: Android, ios , Windows


All these apps can transform your way of living in this world of Gadgets. Since they come from Microsoft Corporation, you know how easy it would be to use them. So, stay wise and save your penny by using these apps available in the market. Brace yourself for more apps as Microsoft is still trying its experiments in the Apps Market.