Best secure E-mail services for Privacy

Hey techies, Do you know that our e-mails could be read by government’s security agencies? Well, you might be convinced by someone who says that this is done for our national security. Especially, you’ll hear this statement from U.S’s own security agency NSA(National Security Agency) who intrude into VIP’s e-mails and commoners like us too. Each mail is being monitored by them. But,we need online freedom right. So let me introduce you to Private E-mail or Web-mail services that preserve your privacy. Here goes the list with their features…..

Guerrilla Mail:- 

Guerrilla mailGuerrilla mail is an online e-mail service that can give you a disposable temporary e-mail address which is destructible automatically within 24 hours after delivering it to your recipient. You need not sign-up for an account, instead just type your own temporary e-mail id which is not possible in either Gmail,Hotmail,Rediff mail and other popular e-mail services. Now, Compose your mail  and hit “Send”. Prove you’re not a robot and your message will be sent instantly. Now your recipient can see only a fake e-mail id that you chose to display in his ‘From’ address.You can even send/receive bit coins anonymously.  So in this way you can preserve your privacy.

Hush Mail:- 

Hush mail
Hush mail


Hush mail is also a private e-mail service that encrypts and decrypts your message at the sender and recipient end. It offers limited free storage. It has built in encryption facility.You can chat anonymously. Indeed no advertising in this e-mail service.Even your conversations are encrypted. Hence you need not worry that your mails are being scanned by Government security agencies unless you perform any illegal activities.




Thunderbird Email Setup

Thunderbird is also an private e-mail client service from Mozilla Corp. that provides privacy to your mails and offers free storage. You can chat anonymously & destruct your mails.Thunderbird is an e-mail client program that has new features like Tabbed e-mail,Multiple channel-chat,Attachment reminder when it finds keyword ‘attached’ in your content,Smart folders, phishing protection,Do Not track, Quick filter, Message Archive and much more loaded in it. Hence,its worth trying this open source product.




GMX is an online e-mail service from Germany that provides unlimited mail storage , free file storage upto 2GB ,Mail collector which manage multiple e-mail accounts and moreover this can be accessed in your mobile too.. Chat anonymously with others.You have a spam filter,Archive and Antivirus to protect your e-mail account from security threats.It use SSL to secure your connection.


Proton Mail:-

Proton mail is an other web-mail service that is still in beta stage of development whose servers are hosted at former military command center inside Swiss alps.This means that no advertisers,governments or other third parties could see your mailbox. You have some free storage too.Moreover you have the control to set permissions to those persons whom you intend to see your mail and make them disappear/self-destruct whenever you wish.While you make an account for yourself, you need not give any of your personal details. They use SSL which gives you extra protection for your connection. You can stay anonymous here. This is what i call as Privacy.

I recommend Proton Mail based on its promising features that it provides and it is safe-guarded by Swiss laws.But as of now they are adding more servers & doing a lot of research to give you the best secure product.So try to reserve an e-mail id for yourself at ProtonMail and you’ll be notified when you have a chance.