Best Gaming HP Laptops available in India

Gamers always compromise towards a laptop, if given an option they would always prefer to choose a desktop over a laptop. Desktop can take up lots of powerful graphics card and coolers to provide the best gaming experience but then it also means that you cannot move your system. Portability is another factor on which gamers do not want to compromise and hence they end up in choosing a laptop with powerful graphics cards.


Large RAM memory, a dedicated Graphics Card (with huge memory) and a powerful processor is the most basic requirement of any gamer. These hardware requirements do make those gaming laptops expensive. In this article we are going to talk about some best gaming laptops manufactured by HP. We will tell the hardware configuration of these HP Laptops and a little overview of these articles.

HP Envy 15T J100

So, this HP Laptop is available with a decent screen size of 15.6 Inches and 1080p resolution. This is something which is the minimal requirement of a gamer. In order to support the performance, this laptop also has 4 GB DDR3 NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M along with 8GB RAM and core i7 processor. This clearly tells you that you will not have to compromise over the performance. Like any other gaming, laptop you will have Windows 8.1 OS installed on this one.

HP Envy SE 17 J102TX

Most of the specification of this laptop is quite to the mentioned above. This HP gaming laptop has the screen size of 17.3 Inches screen. The RAM memory available on this one is also 8GB but there are two unused RAM slots on this laptop which can take this up to 16GB of RAM. This makes it even better than one discussed above. It also has an Optical drive with Dual Layer Support. It has backlit keyboard with a separate slot of numerical digits.

HP Envy 15 J133TX

Now this HP laptop is a little upgraded version of HP Envy 15T J100, where the normal keyboard has been replaced by the backlit version. Now, the display clarity has been reduced a little at it does not have 1080p resolution. It is 20 percent lighter than the first option discussed here and can let you extend the RAM memory up to 16 GB. In short this laptop does not compromise over the performance of the laptop in terms of speed but reduced the picture clarity.

So these were the best HP gaming laptops recommended by Findyogi. I hope you find these options suitable.