Benefits of Technology Integrated Learning

Technology has now become an integral part of the education system. In the traditional education system, several constraints are present which reduces the effectiveness of learning. With the technology, education is now not only limited to a single teacher and writing board, but has evolved and has become a lot more engaging, student-centric, and efficient.

There are several benefits that technology-integrated learning has on the learning process. Some of the most notable benefits of technology-integrated learning are mentioned below that proves why it is revolutionizing the traditional education system.

  • Availability and Cost

With the advent of the internet, information availability is a lot easier and cheaper. Any individual from any corner of the world can learn almost anything from the internet with just a few clicks. Now, any students can easily clear their doubts or learn additional topics that they want easily. Topics like Electromagnetic Radiation, Wave theory, etc. are easily available from the internet.

  • Flexibility and Accessibility

Technological advancements have made online learning possible. With online learning, any individual can learn anything from anywhere in the world at the comfort of their own place, style and time. As the information is accessible almost instantly, learners can learn on-the-go.

  • Personalized Learning

With the use of adaptive technology, personalizing learning is possible which means students can learn at their own pace and style. With the use of adaptive technology, feedback systems can be more effective and teachers can easily understand unique learning pattern of the students. At present, several educational apps like BYJU’S App has incorporated adaptive technology to make learning more personalized and effective.

  • Engagement

Now, students can be taught the lessons using 3D animations, games or simulations. With these technology tools, learners become more engaged with the learning process and can visualize the concepts better. By visualizing the topics, retaining the concepts also become easy. Topics like Ohm’s law, Faraday’s law, Lenz law, etc. can be understood in a better way if the concepts are visualized.

These were a few advantages that technology-integrated learning has on the education process. In the near future, technology will surely be an integral part of almost all educational institutes and it will make learning more effective, engaging and personalized.

One of the biggest examples of technology-integrated learning system are the educational apps. Among the numerous educational apps, BYJU’S- The Learning App has been garnering huge attention from the students and educationists presently due to its excellent integration of technology tools with quality content.

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