Best Web Tools to be used

            1. PIXLR   Are you looking for an online image editor delivering quality? Then definitely you must try this as there’s no competition, so far really..It has a user-friendly interface unlike Adobe’s Creative Cloud.Has a wide range of tools … read more..

Best smartphone apps from Microsoft

Hello geeks, you are going to learn about how you could use smart phone to solve your daily tasks effectively using some handy apps. I am sure that you’ll feel proud for owning a Smartphone after reading this post. So, let me take you through … read more..

Global Web-Traffic and Page Ranking Stats

Hey amigos, have you ever wished to know about or count the number of visitors around the world for each popular website? Do you want to know its page rank and estimate internet usage percentage statistics on a global scale? If you have such wish then today i … read more..

Best secure E-mail services for Privacy

Hey techies, Do you know that our e-mails could be read by government’s security agencies? Well, you might be convinced by someone who says that this is done for our national security. Especially, you’ll hear this statement from U.S’s own security agency NSA(National Security Agency) … read more..

Key Features of Android’s Lollipop 5.0

Hey Android geeks, you might have known that Android’s upcoming version for 2k15 is Lollipop 5.0 .But have you wondered about the power given to you by Lollipop? I admit that this is an essential revolution made by Android for smartphones.What about you? Do u … read more..

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015

Consumer electronic show is one of the biggest events for the geek world where innovative technology products are exhibited on yearly basis for the past 12 years. Around 3500 exhibitors and 17000 attendees reported for this event  marking the largest record since its beginning. So … read more..