Android Lollipop Security – Why You Are Not Fully Protected

The release of Android 5.0 bring plethora of new features. It was the biggest Android update we have ever seen. Google decided to optimize Lollipop version of Android to that point where users will be impressed by all the features it has. One of the biggest update of Android Lollipop was its design, called as Material Desing it was like by many users which seems to be happy with what Lollipop offers to them. Android 5.0 also comes with improved security features and most of the people are convinced that it is safe enough.

In today article we are going to talk why Android Lollipop security features are not safe enough and your files and information aren’t 100% protected. You should take a look to what security features bring Android 5.0 Lollipop and then continue reading why you are not fully protected. It’s true that Google has done a good job with the security improvements but are they safe enough as we do not need to worry anymore about them.

Well this is a question that lot of people who are not convinced yet are wondering everyday. In you are one of them, this is a good piece of information you should read to understand why even with all this security improvements we still have to worry about our personal data and information we send and receive. Smartphones has taken an important role in our daily life. Everything is there, our pictures of the best moments, videos, important documents, other sensitive information like credit cards we use to purchase online and much more.

In a few words all our life is there so we really do have to worry about security risks and what to do to be protected or how to avoid them. However even though Lollipop comes with better security improvements comparing to older version, it still don’t guarantee you are totally safe and your files and information will never fall into the wrong hands. When your data is stolen isn’t always the device fault, cause they have the proper tools to protect you. But do you really do learn about security risks and how to avoid them. So it could be your responsibility if you don’t learn about security factors and how to do your best to be safe.

If you have updated to Lollipop you have the best tools to protect your information from thieves. But even though Lollipop is a safe OS system there are many other things that are not related directly to the device or the system. So we wanted to share with you some points you should always keep in mind if you are concerned if your information fall into the wrong hands. We have covered them below so keep reading.

Smart Lock may be good but not enough

Smart Lock is a neat feature of Android 5.0, it allows your phone to get locked or unlocked via nearby bluetooth or a NFC Near-Field Communication device. Smart Lock has plenty of other features like the face unlock so the owner can read the messages without unlocking the phone.

android security 1


This is a smart way to prevent thieves from accessing your phone. You can read the messages for example and you don’t have to worry if you locked the device or not. Smart Lock can help you to avoid many security risks but it’s not impossible to steal your information and data. You can get infected by a malware which can steal your data. So expect Smart Lock features you need also a good security app to protect your from malware and viruses.

Encryption is done automatically but it’s limited

Android Lollipop comes also with a encryption feature. If in previous Android versions encrypting your data was a long process, in Android 5.0 it is so easy. In Lollipop all the data stored on device is encrypted automatically so if the phone falls into the wrong hand, the thief can’t access the data stored on your phone without the right credentials. However Lollipop encryption is limited to only the data stored on the device.

android security 2


All the other data and information stored in cloud services can be easily accessed by a thief. So if you decide to backup or store your important files and any other kind of information in a cloud platform make sure to secure it with a strong password otherwise your data won’t be safe. Something to remember, always encrypt your data and use password in every situation not only on your device.

Pay attention to app permissions

Android Lollipop may be the best version when it comes to security features, but you still are vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are many criminals and hackers out there who still work hard to find different ways to thwart even the best security security 3

The easiest way you can get infected from internet is when you install an app. It’s strongly recommended to check app permissions before installing it. Sometime the developer add more permissions to the app. No matter what security tools do you have, malware developers will steal your data if you install the app and accept the permissions. So it’s all in your hand, you have the right tools in Android Lollipop so use them carefully.

Do not use public WiFi

The fact that your phone is protected by Android Lollipop security features doesn’t mean that you are 100% safe. When you connect to a public WiFi your device can be attacked by criminals that use internet protocols to get the valuable things they can get on their way.

android security 4

Even though the data is encrypted and you use strong passwords, if you send or receive any kind of information using public WiFi you are open to the thefts that can steal any kind of information. We recommend not to use public WiFi for bank transfer or buying online with your card. Instead of public WiFi use a mobile data or a VPN to ensure a higher security level.