Android Development Tutorial #1 : Setting Up ADT & Developing Hello World App

Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel, and designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Initially developed by Android, Inc and Then Undertaken by Google .


In This Android Development Tutorial You All Going To Learn How to Setup a ADT (Android Development Tools) & Creating Your First Hello World App .

How to Setting Up ADT (Android Development Tools) :

In Order to Setup your Android Development Tools , You Should Have The Following Requirements :

  • Android Developer Tools SDK Bundle  – Download Here
  • Java SE Development Kit  – Download Here
  • An Android Device (For Testing Purpose) or Else You Can Create Virtual device

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Setting Up ADT :

  • Now Extract & Open The Download SDK Folder on Your PC
  • Before Opening the ADT Bundle , Make Sure You Have Installed Java SE Development Kit on Your PC
  • After Installing Open SDK Folder/eclipse/eclipse.exe
  • If You Have any Error (“Failed To Create Java Virtual Machine“) – Restart Your PC and Then Try Again
  • Now Create a New Android Application Project by Selecting New > Android Application Project

creating new android project


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  • Now Name Your Application ,  Give a Project Title , And Also Add a Unique Package Name . 
  • Your Package Name Should be Unique Because , The Play Store will Use This Package Name To Identify Your Application in the Playstore
  •  For Eg in this the Bold Letters Refer to the Package name of The Application “Whatsapp”

naming the application

  • And Then Click Next > Next > Next > Finish .

hello world app output


In This

  • src Folder Consist of Main Activity Files of Extension .java
  • res/layout folder Consist of Layouts for Each Activity of Extension .xml
  • res/drawable – folder consist of Drawable Images to Be Used In Your App in this hdpi,ldpi….etc.,  refers to various screen resolutions of your Device
  • res/menu/menu.xml folder consist of Menu
  • res/values/strings.xml consist of All the Strings Used in this App
  • res/values/dimens.xml consist of all the Dimensions for Various Resolution devices
  • AndroidManifest.xml is the Important file For Your App , Which Contains All The Basic Properties like SDK Versions , Activity Details ,App Permissions etc ,.

Hope This Tutorial is Very Useful For Beginners , We Will See Some Basics In Our Next Tutorial , Stay Tuned .