How to Access the Dark Web?

According to various researches, only 4% of the web is visible to normal public like us. Rest of all is either dark web or deep web. We all have a certain amount of curiosity regarding what these areas of web actually are. Well, we also have thought of a way and searched about how to access the dark web. The basic idea of the dark web is that it is a portion of the internet that hides in plain sight and is completely anonymous, all kinds of illegal activities take place here and it is of no good use. But in case you need to know the complete process of accessing the deep web links, we are here to help you out.

However, make no mistake in knowing that it can be very dangerous and lead to consequences you can’t even imagine. Thus, you must be precautious and aware of the consequences before trying to access the dark web.

Steps for accessing the Dark Web

If you have always wondered how to access the dark web without any complications, you might have to consider many factors before you go ahead. Below are all the necessary steps listed in detail which you can follow to start using the dark web:

1. Get a VPN

This is the first step to get anonymous before you enter the dark web. Security, privacy and anonymity are the things you must focus the most while accessing the dark web. There are various good VPN that you can find and purchase it for your needs including accessing the dark web.

2. Download the TOR browser

Most of the content on the dark web can be found on TOR networks that are completely anonymous. If you want to access these networks, you cannot do it with your regular browser. Download the TOR browser to be able to gain access to TOR networks that hide the most exclusive content on the dark web. Remember to only download the TOR browser through its official site and not anywhere else.

3. Install the TOR browser

Once you have downloaded the TOR browser, you need to close all your other browsers and services connected to the internet such as Skype, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. You can now install the downloaded TOR file to initiate the process by getting started and know how to access the dark web. The installation process is quite simple and can be done by following the basic instructions.

4. Configure and Start the browser

Learn about the best practices of using the TOR browser before you start it and begin browsing through the dark web. Configure the optimal settings as per your choice and then start with your chosen configuration. It might look like a normal browser but it can give you access to a lot of undiscovered content.

5. Don’t change the window size of your browser

Although this might sound like a silly advice, don’t take it for granted. The change in your window size can reveal your identity and this is not false. If you keep the window size to the normal size, it would be like most people and won’t raise any suspicion. Even small things needs to be taken care of while you are browsing through the dark web.

6. Turn off JavaScript

TOR is said to be completely anonymous but it is proven that it is not 100% anonymous. Thus it makes total sense to disable the JavaScript within your TOR browser to enhance your safety and security. You will have no risk of running unknown scripts if your browser doesn’t allow JavaScript. There are various hackers that can make use of JavaScript to hack your system in the dark web.

7. Disconnect your webcam

Accessing your webcam which is connected to the device through which you are browsing the dark web is extremely simple for some people. Do not risk your privacy at any cost and disconnect your webcam from your desktop computer. In case you are using a laptop, you can just put a black tape on it to disable it. There might be people spying in your personal life if you keep your webcam on.

8. Disconnect your microphone

Just like the webcam, the microphone must be disconnected too. These are input devices and any form of audio input can be recorded through your microphone without your permission and used negatively against you. Thus, it is strongly advised to either disconnect your microphone or put a tape on it too.

Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was seen covering his laptop’s camera and microphone with a tape to ensure better security and privacy.

9. Don’t use your real identity

This is one of the basic lessons that you must preach while learning how to access the dark web. Never ever use any part of your real identity on the dark web. Be it your name, your gaming alias, your passwords or anything else. It is not even recommended to use the passwords that you have used in the dark web again on the surface web that we normally use.

10. Browse securely with privacy

Above all, you must browse with utmost security and privacy while accessing the dark web. There might be things that you will see which you had never expected to see and all this is not for the faint hearted. If you don’t want to compromise on your security and privacy, you must take all the above mentioned precautions and steps seriously.

Final Say

Now you know how to access the dark web and all the precautions you must take before doing it. These are serious precautions and unless you have a significant knowledge about security and privacy, you must not risk doing much on the dark web. It is filled with underworld mafias, government agents and all kinds of illicit people trying to do inhumane things. You might not like what you see there and would never want to access it again, such is the dark web.