7 Tips Where to Find Inspiration To Create A Email Marketing Campaign

Is email marketing dead? This is one of the most popular business essay topics at ThesisRush.  If you are asking this question in your business, you haven’t discovered the power of this marketing tool.

There’s a lot of debate about the place of email marketing in the contemporary business landscape. However, there’s no denying that this communication tool remains popular across the world. For this reason, you need to include it in your digital marketing mix.

Incredible Email Numbers

To appreciate the power of email, consider that 59% of B2B marketers consider it the most effective revenue generation channel. It gets better; 80 % of retailers hail email as the greatest driver of customer retention. These numbers are only the tip of the iceberg.

Email is a versatile marketing tool that helps you achieve multiple objectives concurrently. Email builds credibility, brand trust, boosts conversion, helps with customer acquisition and retention, builds brand recognition, and improves consumer insight.

If you wish to unlock your business’ potential, it is time to start a strong email marketing campaign. For most marketers, getting the right idea to use for such a campaign is not easy.

This guide offers tips to help you find inspiration for your email marketing campaign.

  1. Use CEO Updates

Steve Jobs created a mystery around Apple’s product launches. For many years, the company’s annual event became a must-watch the world over. 

You can infuse the same idea into your email marketing campaign through CEO updates.  When the company updates come from the CEO, customers give the information more weight.

The CEO can offer a hint of new products in the pipeline, give new offers, and thank customers for their loyalty.

  • Information About Career Opportunities

Everyone out there is on the lookout for a chance to grow professionally. If your business has a job opening, you can transform this into an email marketing campaign. Your email should go to both existing customers and potential ones. 

Your customers can also make good employees. In this case, you want to build relationships with the email recipients. Your email should also contain essential information about the company.  It is also an opportunity to boost your brand’s awareness.

  • Share Honors and Awards 

You have built strong relationships with your customers. As such, you should make these customers part of your brand.

Honors and awards are great email marketing ideas
Honors and awards are great email marketing ideas

One way of doing this in your email marketing campaign is by sharing news about honors and awards you’ve won recently. This makes the customer feel part of the family, and it strengthens their loyalty.

  • Notify Recipients Of Brand/Product Changes

Are you planning a brand overhaul? Maybe you have product changes in the pipeline? For most brands, this information remains in-house until the final day.

However, you can give your customers priority by informing them about forthcoming changes early enough. It is a smart idea for your email marketing campaign. It helps boost customer trust as they feel honored to receive such information in advance.

  • Celebrate Milestone Together

If your company is about to celebrate an anniversary, or any other milestone, this is a good idea to include in your email marketing campaign.

It is an opportunity to showcase your company’s journey over the years. Your emails should not only inform customers about the milestone but should also include some benefits. Give out discounts or other customized offers to boost relationships.

  • Product Tips

Customers value closeness with brands they buy from, and this important for your email marketing campaign. When you have a new product on the market, you can give your customers exclusive treatment by sharing product tips and other important details.

You can also share crucial information about the manufacture of the product with your customers. This might seem like an unnecessary task, but you will improve your brand’s credibility and strengthen customer loyalty.

Products tips improve your customers” lives, and they love brands that go the extra mile to provide such information.

  • Deals and discounts

If you want to treat your customers like royalty, there’s no better way to do this than through exclusive offers and discounts.

Every customer wants to save money, and you should use this knowledge for your email marketing campaigns. The results will include better open rates and click-through rates (CTRs), higher conversion, better engagement, and much more.

Final Thoughts

These are only a few of the tips to help you find inspiration for your next email marketing campaign. You have to stay on the lookout for creative ideas that you can infuse into your email marketing campaign. Take time to scour through your competition’s email campaigns and identify the trends in email marketing. The bottom line is to ensure the customer is at the core of any email marketing idea you choose. Take time to understand your customers and use this insight to create emails that convert.