5 New Technologies in FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil

We know that the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is quite a sensation and is indeed living up to it’s expectation with Spain, Australia, Cameroon already knocked out and with England on the verge of getting knocked out in the group stages. But here are Five New Technologies in FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil which you might want to know. In detail, at least.

1. Goal Line Technology

An image showing how the hawk eye system works.
An image showing how the hawk eye system works.

This FIFA World Cup, we are to witness for the first time in the history of World Cup in football, the introduction of Goal Line Technology.This technology gives us the efficiency to effectively identify the balls which have crossed the goal lines and the balls which have not. This will reduce the number of controversial decisions taken by the referees normally when such situation arises. By using this technology, whenever the ball crosses the line, an encrypted signal is transmitted to the referee via a watch which delivers the information within half a second, thus avoiding the unnecessary scenarios like the “Ghost goal” term which was famously used by Chelsea’s manager Jose Mourinho while his team played against Liverpool in Champions League Football. Yet, as we witnessed in the France vs Honduras match, The Goal Line Technology still does prove to be unreliable at times and needs few modifications to make it a 100% successGoal or No Goal? Goal or No Goal? Image from Redit.com

 2. The Vanishing White Foam For people following MLS and Brazilian leagues, this might not be new, but many others might have wondered about the use of a particular white foamy substance which was use to draw lines before free kicks were taken. Known as 9:15 fairplay, this foam, which is actually biodegradable and can disappear in around a minute or so, is used in order to make sure that the opponents who usually tend to come in-front when the referee isn’t looking, don’t do so. Nice one, for this FIFA World Cup eh? 😉

Come forward no more. Image from okok1111111111.blogspot.com
Come forward no more. Image from okok1111111111.blogspot.com

 3.The Match Ball Brazuca

The Official Match Ball of FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil is named as Adidas Brazuca, made by Adidas, which has supplied the Official match ball for FIFA World Cup since 1970. Weighing at around 440 grams (approx), the ball is a better version compared to the Adidas Tango, the official match ball of Euro 2012 with a different surface structure, retaining it’s original bladder and carcass. In many aspects, the Brazuca ball is said to be more aerodynamic than the Jabulani ball, which was used in South Africa for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. With the reduction in the number of panels to 6, the ball is supposedly said to have greater consistency. And it does seem true 🙂

The Adidas Brazuca, The Official Match ball for FIFA World Cup 2014
The Adidas Brazuca, The Official Match ball for FIFA World Cup 2014

   4.High Tech Kits and Boots

Massaged Muscles. Copyright www.footballkitnews.com
Massaged Muscles.
Copyright www.footballkitnews.com
Nike's boots for CR7
Enhancing the player’s touch

With the heat and humidity which we know exists in Brazil, new kits and boots are said to be developed in order to help the players play better with a greater stamina and energy. The newer boots are said to give extra stability for the players in the end portion of their stride, enhancing the player’s touch. The final collar at the top of the shoe makes more natural. For example the kits of Ghana made by Puma  are also said to possess micro massaging powers to revitalize and energize the player’s stamina.

5. Technology For Fans

Not just the players, even the fans like us need some technologies to be up to date and interactive in this FIFA World Cup, don’t we? Yes, we do. That’s why Twitter started the ‘Hashtag mania’ calling hashtags as ‘hashflags’ which fans must use to tweet while supporting their team with the three letters of their Team this FIFA World Cup. Example, #ENG #COL #ARG
A company named PipSports recently unveiled something which’s being compared to as the “Instagram of Football” Here you can post pictures, Discuss about strategies, share photos on facebook and a whole lot more this FIFA World Cup 🙂

So, who are you supporting in this FIFA World Cup? Are you ready to Samba?
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