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How to restore WhatsApp messages, chats and conversations easily

Written by Jana Raj

I think we all agree when I say that touchscreen phones are great. I assume you would also agree if I said that they can be frustrating at times?

With a single tap, you can delete an important data, picture or anything else that you wish you didn’t. Or the WhatsApp chat with someone. Let’s say you wanted to Email conversation or Add conversation shortcut, but you accidentally hit the Delete chat and clicked yes when it asked if you REALLY wanted to do so. It happens sometimes.

But the good thing about WhatsApp is that it automatically backs up your conversations everyday and stores them in your sdcard. So a very simple way to restore your WhatsApp messages would be:

  • Uninstall the application
  • Install it back
  • Tap restore when WhatsApp finds the latest backup from your sdcard and you’re golden.




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Jana Raj

Jana is the founder of Tech4bros. CS Engineer ,Part time Blogger and Web Developer, Crypto Trader and Investor.