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Interview with Kulwant Nagi of Bloggingcage

Hello fellow bloggers! Not often you feel satisfied after a long day’s work, but well, I do.


Because I’ve just interviewed Mr.Kulwant Nagi, owner and founder of

Yes! He has been a huge role model and a motivational figure for bloggers like us and it’s such a privilege to even get an opportunity to interview a person of his calibre.

We, creators of, certainly recommend you to take a look at if you already haven’t. And indeed , you would feel extremely inspired by the answers of Mr.Kulwant Nagi

Here we go!

kulwant nagi

About Mr.Kulwant Nagi

Mr. Kulwant Nagi , owner and founder of is from Haryana,India. He’s currently a Full Time Blogger who earns over $1500. Ever since becoming an Internet entrepreneur , He has never put a foot wrong and is continuing to make a huge impact among the blogging circle.

#1. When and how you started Blogging?

I started blogging in September, 2011 with the intention to generate some online leads for my multi level marketing business.

For me, blogging was a very new concept and I was not aware about the basic technicalities. I think in first week of September, 2011 I called one of my online friend and my question was – what is WordPress and how to install it?

Later he made one video to install WordPress and gave me the link.

In starting days of my blogging, I started writing about multi-level-marketing tips on my blog and side-by-side started reading many popular blogs. Soon I found that blogging niche was much more powerful than multi-level-marketing.

So I deleted all articles (around 15) from my blog and started writing about blogging tips.

Even I was a newbie, but still I was giving blogging tips. Ha Ha..

#2.  What or Who motivated you to start blogging?

Money was the biggest motivation for me.

#3. If making money online was your motivation, are you satisfied with your progress?

Yes. The biggest motivation was money only.

I was going through a very bad phase in my life and I was living as a PG (Paying Guest) those days. I was badly in need of money but I couldn’t find the ways as I had already quit my job to pursue my career in online marketing.

I am more than satisfied as I have earned name and fame in a very short time.

#4.  Who’s your inspiration?

When I started, my inspiration was Jonathan Budd.

#5. What were your approach methods for being the Kulwant Nagi you are today?

For over a year, I was not aware of what I was doing, and how I was going to survive in this industry. But I had too much confidence in myself so I never thought about quitting.Soon I realized that blogging is all about sharing what you know and helping people with all possible means, so I started doing Google hangouts free of cost and then started Blogging Cage Interview Series on my blog which gave me an identity in the industry.

I just tried to solve problems which newbie bloggers were facing.

#6. If a newbie Blogger asks you for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give ‘em your best tip, what would it be?

I would suggest them to not think about money just for the first 3 months. Put the maximum amount of your efforts to learn the things and keep trying them on your blog.Don’t keep jumping from one money making source to another. Decide just one and become a master of it.

#7.  Apart from Blogging what other things you Do?

I love reading books and playing with my pets.

#8. What are the websites you often visit other than BloggingCage?

You can check my most loved blogs here.

#9.  What is the Main Source of Traffic for BloggingCage?

Till the start of 2014, I never cared about writing articles from the SEO point of view, so maximum of my traffic was direct or little promotion.

But when I drove 173,509 visitors on my blog in 3 months, I understood the power of SEO, so I started writing SEO optimized articles on Blogging Cage as well.

Now search traffic on blogging cage is increasing day by day, and I am really loving it.

#10.   Apart from BloggingCage, what other blogs do you have?

You can check my blogs here.

#11.  Do you have any future projects planned?

I am going to launch one eCommerce website which I will reveal very soon.

#12.  Your Favorite Quote?

1.If you can think, you can achieve.
2.The secret of success is to find people where they are going and be there first.

#13.  Give us your valuable views about

You are doing an awesome job to bring technology, sports, blogging, social media and all other online stuff under one roof. Managing a multi-niche blog is not very easy, but the way you have managed it is truly very appreciable.Best wishes for blogging and your future projects.


Thank You Mr.Kulwant Nagi! Your really inspiring and down to earth replies would for sure motivate our fellow bloggers to put that extra effort in their work!

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  • Impressive Personality 🙂
    Great Interview of Great Person

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  • Nice inspirational interview.

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  • He is a good and helpful personality. Nice and inspirational interview. Especially I liked the favorite quotes of Him 🙂

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  • Cool Interview! For me, Kulwant Nagi seems to be the amiable blogger who is frank with words. I like his response concerning giving advice and best tips to newbies.

    Indeed, newbies should spend at least 3 months learning about blogging before thinking of making money.

    The above advice is important even when it is obvious that the blogger is motivated by money!

    I have shared this comment in where this post was found and “kingged” for its value to Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

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  • Wow Hari!

    Thanks for this post and for highlighting Mr. Kulwant Nagi of and wow, amazed that he’s actually the owner and the founder of that website.

    At first, I predicted that, this article or interview is going to be beyond helpful. It’s not just an ordinary blogger, I must say.

    I have also realized that maybe most of the bloggers over the internet is from Inda. I’ve noticed they did very awesome with blogging, they’re motivational and inspiring just like Mr. Nagi.

    Reading the interview, I have understood that focusing on one thing on your first 3 months is necessary and we must not think about making money, but we should be learning within that span of time.

    I also love his lists of pages where he always visits or read. Nice!

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    • Thanks a lot Mets 🙂 Yes. Indians are growing aren’t they? 😉 And do stay tuned for more interviews 🙂

  • Hi, Hari!

    I must agree with you that Mr. Kulwant Nagi has been a great role model and motivational figure for bloggers. has been doing great, all credits to Mr. Nagi, both the owner and founder of this site.

    Well, I’ve indeed had learned a lot from this interview you’ve conducted with him.

    He didn’t make money as his priority goal, but instead, he made money as his biggest motivation in blogging. I think that is the reason of his satisfaction.

    I like his answers on your fifth and sixth question. He indeed gave short, yet valuable words there.

    Thanks for the post!

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    • Hi Pauleen 🙂 I’m glad you liked the interview! Do stay tuned for more interviews 🙂 And yes, help us grow too 🙂

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  • Hi Hari Haran,

    This interview is very inspirational and motivational for all bloggers……..!!!

    Kulwant is a charismatic person who doing lot of struggle in initial days of his full time blogger. This interview is lighthouse for bloggers particularly for newbies.

    Thanks for sharing such a motivational post with kingged community……!!!