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How To Create A Free Proxy Server Using Google App Engine : Video Tutorial

Written by Jana Raj

This is My First Ever Video Tutorial About How to Create A Free Proxy Server using Google App Engine .

What is Proxy Server ?? 

If Your Access Is Restricted To Some Websites Like adf.ly And Some Other Websites , You Can Able To View Them Using Proxy Servers

How Does It Works ??

If You Requesting A URL Through Proxy Server , First The Proxy Server Downloads The Data Of That Webpage And Then Displays To Your Browser , Actually Speaking We Are not Visiting That Particular Site, Instead Of Us Proxy Servers Will Visit Those Site For You.

You Can Able To understand Clearly by The Following Picture


Things Required Before Statup

[list style=’check’] [list_item] A Google Account [/list_item] [list_item] Python 2.7 – Download it Form python.org[/list_item] [list_item] Google App Engine – [button url=’http://goo.gl/KsI75k’ size=’small’ style=’brown’]  Download It Here [/button][/list_item] [list_item] Google Proxy Script –  [button url=’http://goo.gl/ShvxlT’ size=’small’ style=’green’]  Download It Here [/button][/list_item] [/list] [box style=’success’] Free Proxy Server Created By Me : http://freetech4brosproxyserver.appspot.com/ [/box]

Video Tutorial[HD]

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Jana Raj

Jana is the founder of Tech4bros. CS Engineer ,Part time Blogger and Web Developer, Crypto Trader and Investor.